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“Soft Image Rooted In Independence,” Says Imran Khan 

PM of Pakistan Imran Khan urged Pakistan Filmmakers to show a soft image of Pakistan, create original content and bring new styles and techniques in filmmaking.

The Spice Pantry – A Burst of Traditional Pakistani Flavours

The Spice Pantry is an online store of homemade spices and chutneys. They have a wide range of basic recipes which provide convenience to the cooking experience.

Imran Khan; “Absolutely Not”

Imran Khan; "Absolutely Not": "Pakistan Will ‘Absolutely Not’ Give Bases To The US For Afghanistan Operations." Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically refused to provide the...

Ronaldo Gesture on Coca-Cola VS Water

At the time where football needs word class super brands as Sponsors, one small gesture by Portugal's world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly cost one of the biggest investors in the sport's world 4 Billion in the market. Yes Ronaldo kicked the Coca-Cola to the curb.

Budget 2021-22 – Everyone Will Be Happy With The Budget, PM...

the Federal Cabinet approved the Finance Bill 2021-22. A meeting of the Federal Cabinet was held on Friday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Interview With The Person Behind Homemade Delightss

Interview With The Person Behind Homemade Delightss: Homemade Delightss: They Lay A Strong Emphasis On "Quality Over Quantity" If you want home-cooked food which is super...

European Companies Set to Invest in Pakistan’s IT Sector

Pakistan has now become a most important country for international organizations, especially for European IT companies, because of its investment opportunities and potential prospects for trade and business development.

The U.S. Sends Medical Supplies to Pakistan to Combat COVID-19

Amid the shortage of essential medical equipment, the United States Government has sent emergency medical supplies to Pakistan in order to support Pakistan in its fight against Coronavirus and endure to fulfil the urgent health needs throughout South Asian nations.

Cake Walk Bakers

Cake Walk Bakers know how to delight with dough. Cake Walk Bakers is one of the top bakeries in Karachi. Mirza Asad Baig is the owner..

Israel – Egypt Talk Ceasefire With Hamas, Rebuilding Gaza Strip

It said that the two envoys would talk over topics including ways of firming up of truce and to let free Israeli citizens and soldiers being held by Hamas.
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