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Alicya Xanders is a qualified registered nurse. She got three years of general nursing diploma from Karachi Adventist Hospital. A specialized certificate in Midwifery from JPMC Karachi. She also holds two years of Post RN BScN degree from Zia-Uddin University Clifton. Along with many years of working experience in multiple hospitals, including work in intensive care units and disastrous conditions, she is an expert in taking care of the sick. She writes health-related articles for hub daily on multiple topics. Her passion is to provide updated, quality, and needed information about diseases and health problems. Apart from her interest in Health and diseases, she loves writing fiction, writing-related stuff for new writers, and poetry. She also provides editing services and proofreading for every kind of writing project and novels. Alicia's other biggest passion is working on editorial projects, particularly when it involves perfecting book manuscripts for publication. In her spare time, you’ll either find her reading or writing books.

Ageing And Health Fitness

Ageing And Health Fitness: Ageing is a process of accumulation of changes in the human body over time. It results from body changes and the...

Stop Smoking Or Cancer Will Do it for You

Stop Smoking Or Cancer Will Do it for You: The substances you inhale affects your entire body, including your lungs. If you’re not able to...

Screen Time – Pay Attention to Both Sides of The Coin

Screen Time - Pay Attention to Both Sides of The Coin: Where electronic devices have eased the working hours, it has destroyed human health on...

Flakka – A Dangerous Zombie Drug

Flakka - A Dangerous Zombie Drug: Flakka Drug or Zombie drug? It is also called a Zombie drug, is famous for bizarre behaviour in different...

Deficiency of Vitamin D; The Sunshine Vitamin

Deficiency of Vitamin D; The Sunshine Vitamin: What is Vitamin D, and Its Called The Sunshine Vitamin? Vitamins are nutrients that the body cannot create,...

Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome In Premature Newborns

Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome In Premature Newborns: Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome - A Killing Monster: Infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS) or Hyaline Membrane Disease is...

A Raging Skin Disorder Melasma – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

A Raging Skin Disorder Melasma - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment: Melasma and its symptoms have visible adverse effects on the skin. It is a...

Respiratory System – Prevention And Cure

Respiratory System - Prevention And Cure: Respiration is the first sign of life; it is essential to prevent it from infection. Thus, respiratory system prevention...

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention: Cancers are diseases where cells of the body grow out of control. Breast cancer can be found in any part...
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