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Zainab Imran has been writing articles for The ClimAct Magazine and is also an active news reporter of CBN Newsroom. Her educational background in Environmental Science gives her a broader approach when writing about environmental issues. With an avid interest in writing, she has written for other categories too. She also writes as a Green Blogger for The Earth Needs Love and has recently started working with Spectra too. She can be reached at zainabimran.siddiqui@outlook.com

Pakistan Red Crescent Society to Dispatch Relief Teams to Palestine

Pakistan Red Crescent Society to Dispatch Relief Teams to Palestine: President Dr Arif Alvi has granted permission for dispatching relief teams to Palestine. As instructed...

World Biodiversity Day: “We’re Part of the Solution”

World Biodiversity Day: "We're Part of the Solution": International Day for Biodiversity has been observed since 1993. The authorities later shifted the date to May...

Will Germany be successful in achieving NET ZERO by 2045?

NET ZERO by 2045 The German government has set tougher climate targets in order for the country to reach 'net zero' sooner. In late April...

COVID surge: Edhi Foundation makes a generous offer to India

COVID spike in India The Coronavirus surge in India has left the country's health infrastructure shattered. People are dying as hospitals have run out of...

QISSAY: An amalgam of self-love, mental wellbeing, and fun

A person's life is an amalgam of happiness and sorrow, of gains and losses, of successes and failures. In short, ups and downs are...

Illegal Logging: The Lead Cause of Declining Forest Health

It is well understood that as population grows their needs do so too. Out of the many demands that increase with the population, the...

HubDaily’s Mobile App: Your Digital News Partner

HubDaily's mobile app was launched back in January 2021. The app provides the readers with latest news not only from Pakistan but from all...

Will TOTAL’s Uganda Oil Project be Funded to Completion?

The discovery of oil in Uganda On the border between two African countries, 1.7 billion barrels of oil have been discovered. After successfully having secured funds...

The Costly Maintenance of the Unoccupied Ghoulish Sori Kotei

In 1932, a group of Japanese naval officers planned a coup. For accomplishing the task, they assassinated Tsuyoshi Inukai, who was the prime minister...

The Burmese in the Hands of a Merciless Military

The Burmese are now in the hands of a merciless military. The military coup in Myanmar that began about six weeks ago, became the...

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