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HADYA – All Your Gifting Needs At One Click


HADYA – All Your Gifting Needs At One Click:

HADYA is an online store that brings you the best gifting services. It is a business that has a unique style and beautiful products. The Hub Daily got a chance to talk to HADYA’s owners, who told us many exciting things about the business. Keep reading to find what this business is all about!


Give us a brief introduction to your brand. What is it related to, and how it got initiated?

The word ‘Hadya’ is an Arabic word, and in English, it means gift. The idea was to disrupt the gifting industry, which was untouched. There was a lot of room for improvement. The model is about gifting your emotions to your loved ones with just a click.

Corporate package

Our research showcase that when people buy gifts for different people, they are not concerned much about the monetary exchange. Nonetheless, they want something perfect and as per their requirement. Hadya started its operations in 2019. We were available on Facebook, Instagram, and a dedicated website.


We began with customised gifts such as mugs, jewellery, etc. Some essential products, such as cakes and bouquets, were also available. Our model was strong enough for bakeries like Pie in the Sky and Sacha’s. They partnered with us at the beginning of our operations.


There are many gifting shops available online. How is Hadya different from all those brands?

Our customised services set us apart from others in the gifting industry. We cover every customer’s touchpoint. Firstly, our agents first understand the need of the customer and then offer a variety of products. Furthermore, people present in the industry usually sell what they have on their websites.


Most businesses are reluctant to amend their product list as per the customer’s needs. However, we are the opposite. We have listed numerous products on our channels to comfort those clueless about what to gift.


Who are the people behind Hadya?

The idea just popped out while discussing how people are deprived of quality gifts. We were two people in a room, Salman Hanif and Sajid Katiya.

Salman Hanif – Cofounder and Present CEO:

Salman completed his bachelors from IBA Karachi and is currently pursuing his MBA from LUMS. Salman is passionate about doing business. He wants to become a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, Salman thinks of uplifting society with his innovative ideas and leadership qualities.

I love you Cushion

Sajid Katiya – Cofounder and CFO:

Sajid completed his bachelors and MBA from PAF-Kiet Karachi. He is energetic and an experienced professional when it comes to running a business. At present, he is running a well know Cake brand that has expanded over the years. Furthermore, his company has reached new heights.


What products or services do you provide? Let us know all the details about the products.

Hadya offers numerous products in the gifting category. Be it a keychain or an expensive mobile phone. We think that everything exchanged is a gift. At present, we offer the following.

  • Cakes from well-known brands (Pie in the Sky, Sachas, Delizia)
  • Bouquets
  • Corporate gift items: We served Ismail Industries (designed specialised trucks to launch ‘Chai Wala Biskut’, representing the biscuit and covered the truck art theme). Furthermore, we worked with English Biscuits, Aga Khan University (AKU), M&J Shipping, Mehmood Chemicals etc.
  • Perishable items, such as customised chocolates and dates
  • Customised gifts such as mugs, jewellery, pens, wallet, keychain, notebooks, t-shirts, jackets, mobile covers, and the list go on.


Chai wala truck

Where can customers approach your brand, and how can they place their orders? Moreover, what is the duration of the delivery?

We are available on four different channels: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp (0311-1142392).

People can reach out to our agents through the above channels to avail themselves of customised services and place their orders. The order delivery time is usually 4-6 working days. However, we also have a same-day delivery option for certain products as our utmost priority is meeting the customer needs.

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