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Zarpash Chughtai Spilling All the Beans about Zarpash Hair Solutions


Zarpash Chughtai Spilling All the Beans about Zarpash Hair Solutions:

Revitalise, Love and Pamper your hair with purely organic products from Zarpash Hair Solutions!

Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, it needs to replenish, proper nourishment and proper care. Pampering your hair makes it strong, smooth and silky. But all of this requires a significant amount of time and a whole lot of products. Zarpash Hair Solutions are here to help you with all your queries regarding hair care. Widely known all across Pakistan, Zarpash Hair solutions offer you quality products at reasonable prices. Moreover, these products are manufactured from natural and organic ingredients.

Zarpash Chughtai, Founder of Zarpash Hair Solutions, recently shared her story with us, which we are presenting to you. You can check out their website from the link given at the end of this article.

Founder of ZHS, Zarpash Chugtai:

“I’m an entrepreneur and an influencer. I share my knowledge of hair care with my wide audience on Instagram to help them battle their hair concerns. People have given me the title ‘Desi Rapunzel’ because they love my hair. Apart from this, I am a foodie, a shopaholic, and I love learning about palmistry.”

Vision Behind Your Hair Care Range and the Best Selling Product:

“I used to receive a high volume of queries for hair issues from my friends and followers. There I thought of initiating Zarpash Hair Solutions. The vision was, to be honest, raw and authentic with whatever I was delivering in the market. I wanted to genuinely help my followers, who are now my customers too. Moreover, I religiously use Lavender and Berries on my hair which is also our hot seller and best selling product.”

How did it feel when you started your line? How did people respond to your venture?

“There was extreme excitement and nervousness in my mind. However, I knew there would be a lot of hiccups in this journey. One thing I was sure of was that it was all worth it. Initially, I wanted to keep the inventory as low as possible because I wasn’t sure if this all will be fruitful. Fortunately, we went out of stock within a day. Alhumdulillah”

Your motivation during the ups and downs and people who are close to you?

“I believe in just one quote. Whenever I felt down or had a rainy day in our business, I believe that This too shall pass. I am blessed and thankful to My parents, my husband, my sister and my best friend. Apart from being an Entrepreneur, I am a wife to an amazing man who is my soulmate. Occasionally, I work with few brands for campaigns. I always look forward to opportunities for investments.”

Motivational tips for young entrepreneurs and women out there:

“I would like to say that financial independence is essential. It gives us freedom, and it doesn’t make us rely on others. One should always have the drive to be successful. I’m eternally grateful to my family and dear ones for always believing in me and being supportive. I would request all families to let their daughters have independence. To let them do whatever they want in their careers and allow them to work for themselves.”

Zarpash is looking forward to making our country proud and making her hair care line recognised among the best ones all around the world.

Products by ZHS:

Lavender & Berries is the best selling product of ZHS

Lavender and Berries Hair Oil:

Make your hair less frizz and tangle-free with Lavender and Berrie’s hair oil. It can be considered as Pakistan’s no. 1 hair oil. It reduces hair fall because of gooseberry, which is used in its manufacturing alongside argan oil. Zarpash Hair Solutions made this oil with Lavender, which helps in cleansing the scalp. It helps to strengthen hair growth, reducing dandruff and maintaining the pH of the scalp. Additionally, it is the best hair oil with natural ingredients.

Zarr Elixir Hair oil from Zarpash Hair Solutions

Zarr Elixir Hair Oil:

Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, Zarr Elixir hair oil helps to increase hair density and improves hair texture. Zarr Elixir hair oil formula is derived from pumpkin, castor, almond and coconut oil, etc. It is the best hair oil at an economical price. Moreover, Pumpkin as the base oil reduces hair fall. Other nutrients increase hair growth to their maximum level.

Hair Haven Shampoo helps in hair growth and reduces Dandruff

Hair Haven Shampoo:

Harsh chemicals, dyes and other products usually make hair dry and dull. Zarpash Hair Solutions has introduced Sulfate and Paraben free 100% natural ingredients based on shampoo “Hair Haven”. It will keep your scalp hydrated, reduces dandruff, it will make hair smooth and soft. Hair Haven Shampoo is a real friend for coloured hair.

Zarpash is producing some of the best oils for hair in Pakistan. She has Pakistan’s top hair oil products. You can order these products from https://zarpashhairsolutions.com/.

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  1. Be very careful what you read. Zarpashs husband is a well renowned scammer called Khurham shazad and is subject to fraud cases in many countries including UK and UAE. He has been made bankrupt in the UK, has a travel ban in the UAE and is subject to criminal proceedings. Zarpash is fully aware of this and seemingly is supporting her husband despite all this.


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