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Cake walk bakers

Cake Walk Bakers:

There’s nothing more tempting than the smell of freshly baked loaves of bread and cookies. The alluring scent of these goodies provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life while allowing you to enjoy a moment of sweet reprieve. Cake Walk Bakers know how to delight with dough, from chewy loaves of fresh bread to irresistible treats. Cake Walk Bakers is one of the top bakeries in Karachi. Mirza Asad Baig is the owner of Calk Walk Bakers.

Cake walk bakers

1. Tell us about your bakery.

A: Cake Walk Bakers is an Artisan Bakery situated in the Core area of Karachi named Gulshan e Iqbal. Everyone can buy hygienic baked items like bread, rusks, cookies, fast food, Nimco and Customised cakes for loved ones.

2. When did you get into the business of baking?

A: We started our business in October 2020.

3. Your command/mastery in the area of baking.

A: We bake lots of items, but we have command in Customised Caked and Cookies.

Custom cake


mickey mouse cake

Cadoctor cake

4. Which is your most demanded product?

A: Cheese Cakes, chicken and veggie Patties and Cookies are our hot selling items.

5. Your inspiration and some of your best work?

A: All those Bakers are my inspiration who provides hygienic products to their customer.

6. What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?

A: A positive Response indeed keeps us motivated to achieve our goals.

7. What problems/challenges you are facing in the market?

A: Risen prices of Packaging and raw materials. And of course a custom duty on imported materials.

8. What are your professional/career aims?

A: We aim to open more branches in every area of Karachi.

9. Any piece of professional advice to other bakers?

I want to advise other bakers that give attention to the quality of products you’re selling instead of packaging.

10. Where our readers can get connected with Cake Walk Bakers?

We are available on the following handles.


Facebook: cakewalkbakerskarachi

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