Home Commerce Chill n Watch Netflix, With Some Food from “CHIPFLIX”!

Chill n Watch Netflix, With Some Food from “CHIPFLIX”!

Chill n Watch Netflix, With Some Food from

Chill n Watch Netflix, With Some Food from “CHIPFLIX”!

Are you a foodie? Though there are many outlets out there available. But what if I tell you about a franchise, which puts customer satisfaction at the utmost priority? Every other vendor brags about its product, but how many of them are really up to the mark? There is only a handful of them. “CHIPFLIX” is one of them. A fast-food restaurant that offers you quality food with no compromise on taste.

Started in 2020, CHIPFLIX has emerged as an excellent option for all the foodie people if they want to enjoy good fast food at economical value. What more can a person want while selecting options for food? You can check their page out at the end of this article. But first, let me share with you some information through our QnA session with the founder/owner of CHIPFLIX, Mr Aijaz Ali Mohsin.

What initiated your business venture? What was the thought behind starting it?

It wasn’t some random thought to start my business venture because I was interested in it since my childhood. It wasn’t like I was exactly sure about what I would do, but somehow I knew that I have to be in the business world.

When I got some capital for my investment, instead of buying an asset, I thought of investing it in a long term beneficial cause. And because of that, I invested in the food business.

How do you manage to build a thriving customer base? What are your strategies for it?

If we talk about a thriving customer base, the credit goes to my experience and my diploma in hotel management. To build strong customer relations, you need to be good at the following factors:

  1. Greetings, your positive attitude
  2. Strong and positive communication
  3. Fast service
  4. Quality food products
  5. Responsiveness on Customer feedback

What motivated you to become a food entrepreneur? Especially when many people don’t opt-in for entrepreneurship in our country?

There are pros and cons to almost everything. In contrast, I look at the pros of the business world. For instance, Starting up a business can help you grow more effectively than in a corporate job, in my opinion, as You can multiply your capital with your skills and strategy, which is somehow not possible in a corporate job.

Chill n Watch Netflix, With Some Food from "CHIPFLIX"!

Would you please describe how your franchise is different from others?

The reasons we stand out in our services are that we prioritise customer satisfaction. If there is negative feedback from our customers, we try to be vigilant and improve the quality of our food. We also provide complimentary products with free delivery from our venture.

What has been your most satisfying experience so far in your journey? What was the best advice you received?

As I know A to Z of Chipflix, it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am not dependant on anyone but my Almighty Allah and then myself. I am happy that I was able to fulfil my dream, Alhamdulillah.

There is not any particular advice that I have received so far. But I get a lot of encouragement for my work and venture from people around, which helps me focus more. I try my level best to maintain it.

What are your future aspirations related to CHIPFLIX? Would you be adding more food options?

I plan to expand my venture with new products, more food options and outlets in the next few years.

We are thankful to Mr Aijaz for sharing his journey with us for his time and co-operation. Don’t forget to check out his food venture’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chipflixpk/.

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