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European Companies Set To Invest In Pakistan’s IT Sector

European companies want to invest in Pakistan's IT sector

European Companies Set To Invest In Pakistan’s IT Sector:

Pakistan has become a most important country for international organisations, especially for European IT companies. Because of its investment opportunities and potential trade and business development prospects, European companies want to invest in Pakistan’s IT sector.

European IT companies are considering making long term investments in the IT sector of Pakistan. Renowned companies of Europe are poised to invest in Pakistan to take advantage of the country’s business-friendly policies.

This statement was disclosed by Mr Imad Siddiqui, the CEO of Evolligence (www.evolligence.com), to sign a partnership deal with Nintex UK (www.nintex.com), a world-renowned software developer based in London.

In his address, Mr Imad said that because of the tremendous development in information and mobile communication, including the launch of the 3G and 4G technologies, Pakistan has now become one of the leading countries for investment.

There Is More Than One Example:

Taking full advantage of this, the overall economic growth of Pakistan can grow at a much faster pace. Recently, Nintex, the UK’s international process management and software automation platform, has partnered with Evolligence, a Pakistani IT company involved in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics process automation.

In this regard, a unique online signing ceremony of the partnership agreement was held in Islamabad. Emad Siddiqui, CEO Evolligence, Iman Al-Hizab, Regional Sales Director Nintex, Sohail Minhas, Vice President Sales Evolligence, Khawaja Mudassir, Director Operations Evolligence and other senior officials attended.

Nintex, a world-renowned British company in process management and automation, is providing state-of-the-art integrated services to more than 10,000 global businesses and enterprises.

European Companies Set To Invest In Pakistan’s IT Sector: It includes Fortune 500 companies in more than 90 countries. Evolligence is a Pakistani IT company that collaborates with international IT companies across the country in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics process automation.


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