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Interview With The Person Behind Homemade Delightss


Interview With The Person Behind Homemade Delightss:

If you want home-cooked food which is super clean and comprised of super high-quality ingredients, place an order! A doctor runs this homemade food business, so you know you are in good hands and don’t need to worry about hygiene elements. We are talking about Adil Hassan, owner of Homemade Delightss.

Homemade Delightss: They Lay A Strong Emphasis On “Quality Over Quantity”

1. Introduce yourself and your bakery.

I am Adil Hassan, a doctor by profession. I’ve recently graduated and started my house job a few months ago. Homemade Delightss is a small scale home-based business, as the name suggests, initiated by me and my mother and aunt.

I’m responsible for desserts, whereas they make fantastic savoury dishes. We started almost a year ago during the lockdown. Our menu includes both desserts and delicious dishes. However, Our signature items include our fudge brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lasagna and pizza muffins.

2. When did you get into the business of baking?

I’ve been baking for the past three years. I’ve always liked trying out new recipes and improvise. So last year, during the lockdown, when there was plenty of time at home to do that, I decided to start my own business. It was a spontaneous decision without any planning. The only idea in mind was to go with the flow.

3. Your command in the area of baking?

I am not a professional or a trained baker. I have never done any baking courses. Some research had to be done to know why certain things are done the way they are. Initial days were full of experiments and unappetising desserts, but you always learn from your mistakes.

4. Which is your most demanded product?

Here’s a list of Homemade Delightss’ most demanded items:-

– chocolate fudge brownies

Homemade Delightss
Chocolate Fudge Brownies

– chocolate chip cookies

Homemade Delights
Chocolate chip cookies

– lasagna

Homemade Delightss

– pizza muffins

Homemade Delightss
Pizza Muffins

5. Your inspiration and some of your best work?

Inspiration has always been the love for food, especially desserts. It’s fun to try out new items, especially if they turn out great. Some of my best work would be during eid when we make our dessert boxes. I will be sharing pictures.

6. What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?

Constant support from family members and friends and a positive response from customers have kept us motivated. When we first started, we never expected the reaction that we got.

Initially, the idea was to start a business until the lockdown ended, but we decided to continue for as long as possible after customers gave us such n excellent feedback.

7. what challenges you are facing in the market?

The food business is callous, especially for home-based businesses.

Firstly, people assume just because it’s a home-based business. Everything should be discounted, free of cost, or the prices should be low despite using the same or maybe better products than being used in a commercial bakery.

Secondly, because I have a full-time job and nightshifts twice a week, I can give a limited amount of time to my business compared to other people. There’s less time and ideas to either introduce new items or promote the existing ones.

Thirdly, many people go for fancy packaging’s etc., caring less about the actual taste of the product itself, which makes it difficult to please the customers at times concerning packaging.

Fourthly, home-based businesses work on a very tight budget and have a limited number of others because, many times, people prefer commercial bakeries instead.

Fifthly, being a home-based business, we prefer pre-orders only, but people in the market are looking for last-minute pickups.

8. What are your professional/career aims?

I haven’t thought about baking as my profession. I like my current career. However, if I get a chance, I wouldn’t mind doing some courses just for learning purposes.

9. Any piece of professional advice to other bakers?

No one is perfect. Be patient. Baking isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of precision and small details that need to be kept in mind, and you learn these things after making mistakes a few times.

Even the slightest changes in the ingredients or quantity can significantly impact the texture and taste, so always try to research things as much as possible.

10. Where our readers can get connected with your Bakery?

They can order us at Instagram @homemade_delightss

Reviews By Happy Clients Of Homemade Delightss

Homemade Delightss


We are very grateful to Homemade Delightss for giving us their precious time, and we wish them business success.


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