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Ronaldo Gesture on Coca-Cola VS Water


Ronaldo Gesture on Coca-Cola VS Water:

At the time where football needs word-class super brands as Sponsors, one small gesture by Portugal’s world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly cost one of the most prominent investors in the sport’s world 4 Billion in the market. Yes, Ronaldo kicked the Coca-Cola to the curb.

Ronaldo Gesture on Cola VS Water And The $ 4bn Coca-Cola Loss:

Ronaldo, who on Monday immediately removed two glass bottles of Coca-Cola from the table and held up a water bottle instead during a Euro 2020 press conference, causing a 4 billion loss to the company.

At the Ball Championship, football legend Ronaldo, 36, removed two Coca-Cola bottles from a table in front of him during a press conference in Budapest, the capital of the Czech Republic. He picked up a water bottle and spoke in Portuguese “Aqua”, which means water in Portuguese. It indicated that he didn’t want a soda at his press conference table, but he also encouraged his fans to drink water instead of carbonated drinks.

He is encouraging people to drink water instead of Coca-Cola.

After Ronaldo’s action, Coca-Cola’s shares fell dramatically, and the soft drink’s market value dropped from 242 billion to 238 billion.  

The Coca-Cola Company, one of the most prominent official sponsors of the European Football Championship, which is Euro 2020, said that everyone has the right to choose their drink according to their taste and preferences.

A spokesman for Euro 2020 said the players were offered water and Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero during the press conference.

However, due to this action of Ronaldo, the company lost its four billion dollars of shares in the capital market. Netizens also appreciated his act of removing Coca-Cola bottles from his table and encouraging people to drink water instead of soft drinks.

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