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PakVac – Pakistan Develops its COVID-19 Vaccine

PakVac - Pakistan Develops its COVID-19 Vaccine

PakVac – Pakistan Develops Its COVID-19 Vaccine:

National Institute of Health (NIH) is a state-run health centre that has claimed to develop the locally produced Chinese single-dose Vaccine Cansino. PakVac is the name given to the locally manufactured Chinese Vaccine, and its administration will start soon.

According to the officials, the Vaccine has undergone all internal testings and has cleared them all.

Maj. Gen. Aamer Ikram, Head of state-run NIH, previously had announced that Beijing has allowed the import of technology to develop Vaccines locally, and the Chinese team arrived to oversee the project.

Asad Umer, Chief of National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), stated:

“Development of a local vaccine is an important step to help Pakistan’s vaccine line.”

Examining the Vaccine by the Regulatory Body:

The Vaccine is to be examined by Pakistan’s regularity and health authority body for the final approval before rolling it out for administration. As the Vaccine is approved, it would also rule out the shortage of vaccines and its cost issues.

Reason for this Step:

COVID-19 vaccines are not available to everyone at the moment due to their private sales and higher prices that have made it impossible for an average individual to purchase and use them. However, the initiative by the Government for free vaccine administration for all is overwhelming. 

Like any other country, Pakistan is trying its best to overcome the situation created by the COVID-19 virus. Soon we will see the Vaccine’s administration done to everyone, and Insha Allah, we’ll be free from this virus soon.


Dr Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health (SAPM), has said that the Cansino vaccine has an efficacy rate of 65.7% globally at viral prevention. In contrast, trials in Pakistan showed the more promising 74.8% efficacy rate.

Who Would Get PakVac?

Like the rest of the vaccines, PakVac would be available to the citizens of Pakistan everywhere at the designated Government vaccination centres.


The Government hasn’t charged many vaccines administered until now. PakVac, due to its local development, will be offered free of cost to people.

Pak VAccine

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