Home Entertainment A Review on Dirilis Ertuğrul – Is Dirilis Ertuğrul Worth Watching?

A Review on Dirilis Ertuğrul – Is Dirilis Ertuğrul Worth Watching?

A Review on Dirilis Ertuğrul - Is Dirilis Ertuğrul Worth Watching?

A Review on Dirilis Ertuğrul – Is Dirilis Ertuğrul Worth Watching?

Dirilis Ertuğrul

Dirilis Ertuğrul:

Islam has a glorious history that has seen many great leaders and commanders. These include Khalid bin Walid, Hajjaj bin Yousuf, Salahuddin Ayubi, Tariq bin Ziyad, etc. They devoted their lives entirely to promoting Islamic teachings and spreading Islam to every nook and cranny of the world. One such great servant of Islam was Ertugrul Ghazi, whose life was portrayed in Mehmet Bozdag’s drama serial “Dirilis Ertugrul” (Resurrection Ertugrul).


The story revolves around one of the Oghuz descendants, the Kayi tribe, who were nomads and lived in the 13th century. It is the story of Ertugrul, who was the son of the Kayi tribe’s chief, Suleyman Shah.

The drama series consists of five seasons. Each of the seasons portrays the afflictions and hurdles faced by Ertugrul. He had a dream to bring peace and order worldwide per the Islamic teachings.

Ertugrul was not only a courageous warrior but also a quick-witted leader. Despite all the hardships and the brutal enemies that he had to face. He never gave up his cause. He strove with faith, justice, and his trust in Allah for his noble cause, and in doing so, he not only changed the fate of his tribe but also gifted a golden period to Islamic history. His greatest rivals include Crusaders, Mongols, and traitors in his state – the Seljuk Sultanate.

Main Characters:

Some of the dominating characters of this enthralling series include Ertuğrul’s parents Suleyman Shah and Hayme. Ertuğrul’s blood brothers Sungurtekin, Gundoglu, and Dundar. His brother-like companions Turgut, Bamsi, Dogan, and beloved wife Halime Sultan and later in the series Ilbilge hatun.

Ertuğrul’s father, Suleyman Shah, was not only courageous but also a just leader. He always used to think about the well being of his tribe and strives hard to please Allah. Ertuğrul’s kindhearted mother, Hayme Hatun, was not the only mother to her children but every person of her tribe. She worked painstakingly for the betterment of her tribe.

Turgut was one of the most loyal companions of Ertuğrul:

He was courteous and robust too, faced a lot of torture from the enemies, and had to suffer a lot but never gave up his cause till his last breath. One of the fascinating features of Turgut’s character was his axe. He used to swing his axe with mastery and had brought down many barbarous enemies with the help of his axe.

Dogan, one of Ertuğrul’s best alps, was always ready to sacrifice his life for their holy cause. Bamsi-the giant mountain bear (as his brothers called him), was a crazy fellow who considered his sword his love and his horse as his child.

Ertuğrul companions

Halime Sultan was Ertuğrul’s true love and wife. She was fully committed to her husband’s cause and made many sacrifices. She was a compassionate mother to three sons, Gunduz, Savci, and Osman.

Artek bey was Ertuğrul’s right hand and one of the best physicians of his time, in whom Ertuğrul confided utterly. Lastly, Ibn Al Arabi guided Ertuğrul through every thick and thin. He was the great Islamic scholar and Ertuğrul’s spiritual mentor.


Thus, he was not alone in his holy cause. His family supported him wholeheartedly and believed in his cause.

The Message of the Series:

Diriliş Ertuğrul conveys the message of Islam in a fascinating and captivating manner. It shows that whenever a person is on a righteous path, God Himself helps his subject. No matter how many hardships you face, in the end, victory will be yours. As in the words of Ertuğrul himself:


Many adversities tested Ertuğrul, losing his loved ones, his rivals tortured and tormented him in every way possible. Yet, all these sufferings failed to bend his knees. The only thing that helped him survive was his will- his will to have a free state based on Islamic teachings. He always used to say a phrase:


He wished to see his children living their life freely in their lands.

Dirilis Ertuğrul’s Impact:

The drama has also caused a profound impact on the spiritual lives of its viewers. By depicting Ibn Al Arabi’s character, some noteworthy aspects of Islam have been conveyed to the viewers. Ibn Al Arabi also used to quote many Quranic verses, hadiths, and stories from the glorious history of Islam. His and Ertuğrul’s actions caused their enemies to accept Islam and devote their lives to Ertuğrul’s holy cause.

My Take From The Series:

Thus, Diriliş Ertuğrul is a captivating series with an informative plot and fascinating landscapes. Each actor portrayed his character beautifully. It is why the series has been breaking viewership records worldwide. It is a great treat for people who want to watch a perfect combination of historical fiction and adventure.



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