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Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World

Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World
Most Popular E-Games of the World

Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World:

They are also known as video games or computer games. It is a collective term for any recreation of the Internet with one or more players. Moreover, these include Personal computers, Xbox 360, Playstation, and other gaming platforms. They make extensive use of solid-state electronics and integrated circuits.

Types of Games:

Here is a list of the Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World.


It’s an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Pubg corporation to play with your friends and family globally. It is a player shooter game in which up to a hundred players fight In a battle royale. Moreover, Players can choose to enter the match solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people as a squad.


GTA 5:

GTA 5 (grand theft auto) is one of the famous games in the world. It is played globally. It includes three characters Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor. Furthermore, We can also play it with our friends and family globally. It can be played on a Personal computer, Xbox 360, and Playstation.

Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World
Grand Theft Auto V – Plugged In


It’s a football game that can be played in a multiplayer. We can also play it with our friends and family from all over the world online. Furthermore, we can play E-tournaments and win prizes.



It’s a series of multiplayer first-person shooter video activities. Furthermore, it was the first game when windows were released in 1999. Moreover, it’s one of the most played games up till now.

Top 5 Electronic Games Played In The World


It’s a sandbox gaming platform by the Swedish pass-time developer. Moreover, players explore a blocky 3d world in this game and may discover and extract raw materials such as craft tools and items.



Advantages of E-Games:

It could improve decision-making skills. It involves taking risks. Moreover, It has been found that people are more energetic and emotionally positive when they play video games. Furthermore, It offers an opportunity for connection.

Disadvantages of E-Games:

It often acts as a replacement for real-time human connections. Moreover,  Its addiction could lead to other levels of stress as well. Furthermore, Children playing violent video activities depict a lack of self-control.

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