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How Eid Cards Have Been Replaced By Technology in Pakistan?

Chaawal chuntay chuntay aa gai neend, subah uth k dekha to aa gai eid


How Eid Cards Have Been Replaced By Technology in Pakistan?

Eid Cards are a way to wish your loved ones. Eid is the auspicious day that marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the month of Shawwal throughout the Muslim World. It is celebrated with joy.  People visit their loved ones to greet Eid. Special dishes are cooked to enjoy with the family members.

What Are Eid Cards?

Eid cards are a long-lost tradition that was being practised in the 1990s or early 2000s. It was a joyful time when we went to the bazaar to buy cards for our loved ones. Buying eid cards and giving them before eid was always fun and adorable. We always went to the market during the last Ashrah of Ramadan only to buy eid cards.

Eid card

Going to the market, selecting the cards, purchasing the cards, writing eid wishes and poetry on the cards, and then either posting or giving to everyone on eid day was always a routine before the mobile phones came. Mobile phones replaced eid cards from messages. Further, it has replaced by social media.

Eid Card Shop with variety of eid cards

Eid Card Poetry:

Different types of poetry were written on the cards before gifting them to loved ones. Some of the famous and mostly written poetry were:

  1. Dabbay mai dabba, dabbay mai cake, mera dost lakhon mai aik
  2. Garam garam roti tori nahi jati, ap se dosti tori nahi jati
  3. Chaawal chuntay chuntay aa gai neend, subah uth k dekha to aa gai eid

There are many such examples of poetry. On the envelope on top, Open with Smile used to be written with some funny faces and stickers.

How Technology Has Replaced Buying of Cards?

Back in time, we witnessed a rush of people in Ramadan to buy Eid cards. These cards are fading with the passage of time. Some people still believe in wishing both ways.

Moreover, physical cards provide more value and affection. Technology has taken over this beautiful tradition. It not only ensures timely delivery but also a rapid response from the receiver.

social media

Moreover, people nowadays find no time to go to the market. Selecting the cards, writing wishes, and then posting them seems tiresome. Where technology has advanced and brought the world closer, it also has created emotional gaps.

The emotional attachment that the cards created cannot be created by just the click of a button. In other words, sending wishes online in your contact list has less to no emotional attachment.

The Truth is,

Greeting friends and relatives on Eid via SMS, Email, Whatsapp is not only easy and speedy but also economical. With the passage of time and inflation, the prices of the cards have also increased. Hence, people have shifted to the economical and better option. It has definitely affected the decades-old greeting card tradition as well as business.

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