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Giant Food in Pakistan – Chef CZN Burak Teases A New Restaurant

Woman pouring coffee from a kettle
Woman pouring coffee from a kettle

Giant Food in Pakistan – Chef CZN Burak Teases A New Restaurant:

Ozdemir Burak is known popularly over the internet for his giant food renditions of everyday meals. Recently, the Turkish sensation announced his intent to open a new restaurant in Pakistan after a successful visit in November of 2020. The news created a buzz on social media as fans rushed to welcome the initiative and share their excitement. Months later and his restaurant bringing giant food to Pakistan is still the talk of the town.

Chef CZN Burak with his giant heart-shaped pizza
Chef CZN Burak with his giant heart-shaped pizza (via Instagram)

Who is Burak, and why is the internet gushing over him?

Burak touched hearts and earned fame on the internet with his charm and culinary expertise. He stood before his camera, a young chef early into his twenties, with a glowing smile that begged the onlookers to watch. I remember stumbling upon one of his videos and feeling a wave of positive energy engulf my phone and waft through the room. The ability to create a delectable treat is toilsome. Though, to add the pressure of entertaining a crowd to it is truly formidable. Yet, he manages to pull it off spectacularly!

Burak’s Visit and Restaurant Inspiration:

Pakistan and Turkey share a lasting bond with the spirit of the Pak-Turk brotherhood keeping it strengthened. Both countries share a cultural harmony, where likeness is found even in their foods. Burak discovered this homogeneity and experienced the slogan “we are together” for himself.

What do the people expect?

Burak’s creations have been no secret from the public. He regularly boasts his dishes on social media to his twenty-one million followers. If counted in the number of likes he receives, the most enjoyable of his videos are when he upturns a giant bowl, and out comes a perfectly symmetrical dome.

Though, by no means is that his only speciality. Over his relatively short but impactful career, Burak has already trademarked many different designs. All the while, he is maintaining the gigantic portions! Perhaps the most anticipated of his techniques is the long dough bread with a personalized inscription.

In most cases, and most of his Instagram videos, he scribbles a person’s name on a stretched roti. Pakistan is home to many diverse renditions of a traditional roti, and this personalized version will only cater further to our aesthetic wants.

The food itself is a rich element to look forward to in this exciting endeavour. The Turkish palate will be an intriguing change to the Pakistani tastebuds. Though, certainly not completely foreign! While we do enjoy a diverse set of themes on our tables, the Turks’ love for kebabs, donor meat, and spices will likely lighten up our weekend outings.

A Truly Sensory Experience!

And if gastronomical skills are not captivating enough, how about a live session and some nifty visual tricks? Like a skilled fire-bender, Burak uses salt to his advantage and creates a flaming tray reminiscent of a traditional Flambe. However, his demonstration is much more thrilling to witness. The splendour of his techniques, the richness of the Turkish cuisine, and the pleasant ambience have Pakistanis on their toes in anticipation.

The restaurant that is yet to receive a name or a formal inauguration yet has all our fingers crossed for introducing giant food in Pakistan.


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