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Sohan Halwa – A Specialty of South Punjab


Sohan Halwa – A Specialty of South Punjab:

Every corner of Pakistan has something unique to offer. Be it a savory item or a dessert, packed with love and delivered with passion. All these dishes hold a traditional and historical position. They are close to people’s hearts who prepare them, and each piece has a story to tell.

South Punjab is known for its wide distribution of Sohan Halwa. It is a luxurious sweet dish made of milk, sugar, pure ghee, wheat flour, and several dry fruits. People, famously, use the dessert as a form of present, gifted on different auspicious occasions. Initially, the halwa got its fame in the season of winter, when it’s cold, and people like to have dry items. But with the rise in its fame, people started selling and purchasing the sweet dish throughout the year.

Below is a brief history of the emergence of Sohan Halwa. How to make it, different types available and famous places to get it from around South Punjab.


sohan halwa

Moving around South Asia, the history of Sohan Halwa varies from place to place. Every shop owner has a different tale to tell, while the customers have their own legends to share. To this day, no one is sure about the real beginning of the halwa, but some of the famous ones are:

Originated from Iran:

The word ‘Sohan’ comes from the Persian language. People believe that the sweet dish originally belonged to Iran named there as Sohan-e-Qom. It was a famous Iranian cuisine prepared to distribute to relatives and friends at different festivities.

Found by the Ruler of Multan:

Some people believe the halwa was found initially by the Ruler of Multan, Dewan Sawan Mal, in 1750.

A Sweetshop in Old-Delhi brought Sohan Halwa to Fame:

About 225 years old sweet shop, Ghantewala, in Old-Delhi claims the halwa was first prepared in their shop decades ago when Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II ruled the sub-continent.

A Hindu first prepared this sweet dish:

A famous legend narrates how a Hindu sweets-maker once bought milk to prepare dishes, but the milk went sour, and he ended up using it to invent something exceptional. As the water boiled, the confectioner added some wheat flour, giving South Asia its next enormous dish.

Emperor Hamayun brought the sweet dish from Iran:

There are rumors it was Emperor Hamayun who brought the famous dish to Sub-Continent. After arriving from his exile in Persia in the early 1500s, the emperor ordered his cooks to prepare a dish he loved in Persia. The dessert was restricted for him only, and the locals could not taste it.

Kinds of Sohan Halwa:

The variety of Sohan Halwa is what makes it distinctive compared to other forms of mithai. Some kinds are listed down:

  • Pista (Pistachio)
  • Badaam (Almond)
  • Zafran (Saffron)
  • Kaju (Cashew)
  • Arabi
  • Akhrot (Walnut)
  • Khajoor (Dates)
  • Shehed (Honey)

How to make Sohan Halwa at Home?

sohan halwa

The divine sweet dish is prepared with readily available home ingredients. With a bit of hard work, the delightful dish is ready for serving.


  1. Milk
  2. Water
  3. Sugar
  4. Wheat flour/Corn-flour
  5. Ghee
  6. Dry Fruits


Bring the milk to a boil, and then add water, sugar, flour to it. Stir together the mixture until it becomes solid. Add pure ghee to prevent the halwa from sticking to the pan. Once ready, add dry fruits on top. The homemade Sohan Halwa is ready to serve. Cut it into bite-size pieces to make it easier to eat.

Famous brands of Sohan Halwa in South Punjab:

Sohan Halwa is spread all around south Punjab. Each city gives a unique touch to its halwa, making it better than the other. There is no comparison between halwa shops because they all are diverse in their own ways. Some of the renowned halwa brands in south Punjab are:


  • Hafiz ka Multani
  • Rewari Walon ka Halwa
  • Pir Khasay Walay ka Qadeem
  • Hafiz Molana Abdul Wadood ka Halwa


  • Haji Rasheed ka Halwa
  • Data Sweets and Bakers
  • Allah Bakhsh ka Halwa

Dera Ismail Khan:

  • Qadeemi
  • Khaiber Man Milan


No doubt, Sohan halwa was widely enjoyed since the Mughal era. The magical sweet dish is still widely popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and India. It delivers the message of the hospitality of the locals, and people present it as a; memento to their guests. Everyone should try the caramel-coloured sweet dish, Sohan Halwa, at least once in their lives because once tried. People come back running for more.

Article by, Maryam Nadeem

Edited and Managed by, Javeria Qadeer

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