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Tawazo – Taste the Difference

Tawazo: Taste the Difference
Tawazo: Taste the Difference

Tawazo – Taste the Difference:

Whether you are a foodie or diet conscious person, you can’t resist when there is a delicious cheesy grilled burger. Be it a celebration, friends gathering, or a weekend, food that changes the mood is a part of the party.

Tawazo, with the slogan “Taste the difference”, is a fast-food restaurant in Sadiqabad.

This Profession week, The Hub Daily interviewed Mr Hamza Talib, who is a food entrepreneur. Let’s see what he says.

Please briefly introduce yourself and your venture “TAWAZO”?

My name is Hamza, and I have done BBA Hons. Later, I got a diploma in food preparation and cooking.

The basic theme of Tawazo is to introduce the unique food items in the city. As Tazwazo is in Sadiqabad, we are proud to present the “cheesy grilled burger” in this area.

How you came the idea to choose the food business?

I am a big foodie since an early age, and I love to try different cuisines. So now I’m passionate to make and serve other foods, and my interest in food provoked me to start a food business.

What’s your opinion about fusion food?

Tawazo: I think that fusion food is the best thing a chef can create.

What’s your favourite cuisine?

My favourite cuisine is continental, and grilled burgers are my favourite.

What will you suggest for a food start-up?

The first thing is to learn that skill, and then there’s the chance when you can earn on behalf of that skill.

What are your future aspirations regarding “Tawazo”?

We aim to launch mainstream food items that are still not available in our area. We are the first food setups who introduced the “grilled chicken steakburgers” for the first time in the town. In the future, we have plans to launch more food items that are not commonly available in the food business of our area.


May be an image of burger and text that says 'Between Two Buns Grilled Chicken Burger Rs. 219 Grilled Gril Beef Burger Rs. 249 Zinger Burger Rs. 169 Main Water Supply Road, Sadiqabad FOR INQUIRIES: 0308 5904848 tawazo pk/ tawazo.pk/ tawazo pk/ TAWAZO TASTETHE THE DIFFERENCE'




Grilled Burgers by Tawazo
Beef Burgers by Tawazo

Tawazo – The Hub of Quality and Taste: We are thankful to Mr Hamza Talib for his cooperation in featuring this article and wish him the best luck for the future goals.

Visit Tawazo @ Facebook and Tawazo @ Instagram

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