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Hum Style Awards and Reaction of Celebrities on Criticism


Hum Style Awards and Reaction of Celebrities on Criticism:

Hum Style Awards brought Strapless outfits, bare-backed tops, plunging neck areas and thigh-high cuts of celebrities. All individuals discussed via web-based media before long photographs from the fifth Murmur Style Grants were out.


If you go to online media to discover who won in which class, you will go over an excess of images and censuring comments on the outfits that graced the honorary pathway at the Hum style awards.

Supporters and individuals from diversion have shared their perspectives too on what they called “profanity” and the “passing of style“.

“Find happiness in the hereafter, style sense,” remarked Iffat Omar.

Bilal Qureshi said that entertainers don’t need to wear uncovering garments to look like divas.

Simi Raheel contemplated whether individuals in Pakistan have a social character left of their own. She exhorted vocalist Aima Baig to take dance classes and Alizeh Shah to practice in heels to be awkward during the presentation.

Simi liked Resham, notwithstanding, who showed up in an item of all-yellow traditional clothing.

“Resham is a definitive diva,” said the senior entertainer. “Gain from her.” Alyzeh Gabol took a correspond at the participant’s by saying, “Appears as though it is Halloween once more.” Entertainer Faizan Shaikh commented that “Not so much as one single outfit stood apart at the occasion”.

The individuals who safeguarded the “design” at the Hum style awards are Armeena Rana Khan and Mathira.

“I think every one of the entertainers and participants at the Hum Style awards Grants looked astounding,” Armeena said. “We should quit tearing each other down. Culture and religion is an alternate conversation for one more day,” she added. “Individuals are sitting at home posting and reviling individuals for what they wear,” said Mathira. “Ladies reserve the option to wear what makes them lovely.”

Fans adulated Ayesha Omar and Momal Sheikh’s fellowship and considered their trade of good chuckles a “charming” feature from the occasion.

Aside from analysis, numerous individuals like entertainers for pulling off the absolute most trying manifestations and facing challenges with their fashion decisions.

Alizeh Shah’s spins of her torpedo outfit left her adherents in the wonder of how she held herself. Ayesha Omar and Urwa Hocane’s outfits got gigantic commendation as well.

The fifth Hum Style Awards were hung on Sunday in Lahore. The occasion is still among the top patterns on Twitter.

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Written by: Sana Zulfiqar

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