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Meet A Classy Makeup Artist Barriya Ansari


Meet A Classy Makeup Artist Barriya Ansari:

A 28-year-old self-built entrepreneur Barriya Ansari, known as “B”. Barriya, a gifted makeup artist, was born on 10 December 1992 in Karachi.


Barriya is the niece of legend actor late Jamshed Ansari and celebrity chef Naheed Ansari. She married Haseeb Qureshi, the executive director of the hotel Ramada, Karachi, Pakistan.

He is the son of Anwar Qureshi, the CEO of hotel Ramada in Karachi, Pakistan. Barriya also has 18 months old baby girl, Minelle.


The studio “under my umbrella” was her startup as a makeup artist. “Under My Umbrella” means an umbrella that covers makeup and clothing both. Now she is a New York-based fashion & lifestyle blogger.

Barriya Ansari has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and Production that shows her love with art and drama. She just began her digital creator page, where she shares her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty advice.


To explore Barriya’s life, Hubdaily asked her to share her unique experience with everyone. Here is how a conversation with her went.

When and how did you start blogging?

When I was pregnant, I started blogging. I couldn’t really take makeup appointments from clients. As a result, I decided to engage with people via social media and provide information and ideas about my field. I knew my fans would be interested in hearing about my life and cosmetic suggestions, so I decided that I would do everything from home instead of going to work.

What idea did you have in mind when you first started?

I had no idea, it just happened. Since I was pretty passionate about it, I just pursued it. I’ve always enjoyed applying makeup, and it’s been a part of my personality. I began by practising it on myself, then moved on to others, and then went digital.

What does the word “digital creator” mean to you?

I am creating digital content and raising awareness about my work and passion throughout the world.

What has been your favourite partnership, and who would be your dream brand to collaborate with?

Working with various brands is fun for me. It’s difficult for me to choose one. I love my work, which may explain why I have fallen in love with all the brands I have worked with. But, sure, I can tell you about my ideal brand to work with, which is “Tarte cosmetics.”

Which brand products you use most?

I mostly use products of “Huda beauty” and “Tarte”

You are a mom as well. Tell us something about the little girl?

Yes, I’m a mother of 18 months old princess name Minelle. She’s a handful, but she’s my little delight. Minelle is my pillar of strength and a significant source of joy in my life. She’s made me a stronger lady, and being a super mom, I discovered a lot about myself that I didn’t know before.


We are crime partners and best friends as well. We blog together she has become a baby blogger. Minelle’s presence helped me bloom in my field ten times faster. People love her presence more than mine on my feed. MashaAllah she’s my best friend and motivation that keeps me going.

How do you manage both personal and professional life?

My husband, Haseeb, is very supportive. He has been very helpful throughout my journey Alhamdulillah. I manage my work because of my husband. We take turns and give each other time to build. He never burdened me with too many responsibilities. He also takes part and distributes tasks proactively. This strengthened our relationship and makes happier MashaAllah.


In your hard times, who motivated you?

My mother and my husband both equally motivated me throughout my journey Alhamdulillah. They both pushed me towards my destination.

Who supports you most?

Not only motivated, Barriya’s mother and husband always support her. She states that “both my mother and husband support me, their support keeps me going. They are my strength”.

What message will you convey?

She conveyed a beautiful message, in her words,

“Life changes quickly, and time stops for no one. It’s all up to you to make or distort your life in that time. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward”.

Barriya is an inspiration for all young girls and mothers as well. you can connect with Barriya by following links:



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