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Music therapy is the most flourishing field these days. Are you aware of it?

Music Therapy
Music Therapy can heal your soul.

“One Good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley

In this world full of distractions, Music is the only thing that makes sense. Everyone is familiar with it as everyone’s own a list of songs that bring back memories and motivates them to keep going. Through different researches on music, researchers found out that music has a profound effect on the human body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of healthcare known as music therapy, which uses music to heal people suffering from various diseases.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the most flourishing field in current days,are you aware of it?.People who have a deep understanding of music and are certified musicians can become a music therapist. They combine the knowledge with their expertise with a wide variety of musical styles to find the specific kind that can get their patient through a challenging physical rehab session or guide him/her into meditation.

Music is an outburst of the soul –Frederick Delius

Heals the soul

A study published in Music and Medicine highlighted a successful project that used music therapy to heal people. Their goal was to motivate, encourage, and heal the souls suffering from incurable diseases. They took a group of fatal ill people and healed them through a single music session that lasted between 15 to 60 minutes. The recovered patients find it so soothing, relaxing, and meditating, that they requested to play the music until they die.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and which cannot remain silent–Victor Hugo

Change in Moods

When a person is sad, s(he) prefers to listen to songs that have deep meanings but when s(he) is feeling joy, they play songs having high notes to excite themselves. It happens because music plays a deep effect on a person’s mood which brings positivity to a person’s personality. It not only changes the perspective but also motivates him/her to become tough in order to achieve their life goal.

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends–Alphonse de Lamartine

A cure to loneliness and depression

Everyone in their life feels lonely and depressed at some point. Sometimes these feelings are so vague and tensed which are unexplainable.  Music is the only thing that creates a platform for them to release their stress and to activate a healing mode, to overcome difficult times. It never questions or judges, but offers a vivid picture of how important a person is or could be.

My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary-Martin Luther


Make Connection between people

Recent research suggests that human being has a dedicated part of their brain for processing music. Listening and singing music together have a direct impact on neurochemicals of the brain that in return release endorphins, which results in playing a role in closeness and connection between people.

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart…” Pablo Casals

According to research carried out by Dr. Adrian North, it states that: “If you want to know more about someone, then ask about their favorite playlist “by asking that you will find out their personality traits. He revealed different personality traits for a person to predict other’s person music taste.

Hip-hop: Those who listen more to this genre are extroverts and have high self-esteem.

Rap: Rap listeners are liberal and perceive themselves as attractive. They respond quicker than others.

Pop: Pop fans have high esteem, are hardworking, and outgoing.

Classic Rock: Those who listen to classic rock are selfish in nature.

Indie Rock: Those who listens to indie rocks are creative and open to a new experience.

Folk, Jazz, Blues: Those who prefer this genre, are deep thinkers.

Classical music: Classic music lovers are considered to have high intelligence, high self-esteem, and are more likely to be introverted.

This summarises that music is not only a therapy but a way to predict what this world is offering to people and how they can contribute to spread positivity in their lives.

Music is the universal language of mankind.–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



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