Home Politics “Soft Image Rooted In Independence,” Says Imran Khan 

“Soft Image Rooted In Independence,” Says Imran Khan 

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“Soft Image Rooted In Independence,” Says Imran Khan:

“Soft Image Rooted In Independence, Not In Speaking English And Wearing Western Clothes,” Imran Khan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, urged Pakistan Filmmakers to show a soft image of Pakistan, create original content and bring new styles and techniques in filmmaking.

He said this while addressing the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) in Islamabad.

As per PM, there were some blunders at the beginning. We went the wrong way. Instead of original thinking, we started copying. Since Hollywood and Bollywood impressed our Pakistani Film industry a lot, it translated into copying and taking on cultures. Our TV started showing different perspectives and cultures, which was also accepted in India.

He said, “As per my experience of the world, the copy has no value. Value only goes to the original. Only originality sells.”

He added, “this can only be possible if we bring a new way of thinking in our filmmaking industry. There is a lack of original content. We have to create original content.”

He said it’s advice to my young filmmakers: create original content, bring your original thinking.

Our filmmakers have the opportunity to show the world Pakistan. The one who is afraid of defeat in the world never wins. One has to take a risk to win. The fear of losing is an obstacle in one’s ability. People have no idea how much variety is there in Pakistan.”

PM also stressed the need to promote the soft image of Pakistan. He said if we encourage the soft image of Pakistan, the world will say we are very good people. He further said soft image is nothing. The feeling of inferiority and defensiveness leads to this.

He said, “A soft image was actually rooted in independence and self-belief, not in speaking English and donning Western clothing.”

“The world respects the one who respects themselves,” he said, adding that Pakistaniyat should be promoted.

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