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The Nectar of Pain – A Book that Leaves A Fusion of Emotions


Book Review

The Nectar of Pain – A Book that Leaves A Fusion of Emotions:

Broken wings are a sign of struggle. And strength. ― Najwa Zebian, The Nectar of Pain

About the Author:

The Nectar of Pain is a book written by Najwa Zebian, a Lebanese-Canadian activist, author, poet, educator, and speaker. Her motive is to heal people from her words. Her exceptional skills in writing attract its audience to learn more from her life experiences.

The author
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Title of the Book:

As the title suggested, The Nectar of Pain describes the sweetness of pain and sorrow. The concept of Najwa behind this title was to leaves a fusion of emotions for her readers to explore. After going through difficult phases of their lives and make a masterpiece of themselves out of it.

The book was on air in 2016. However, during quarantine, it remained popular amongst people. The book contains poetry and prose on many topics. It gives directions and guidelines to the people who are suffering from pain that is diverse nature.

You were my home

for so long.

Now I realise that humans


be homes.

If homes can leave,

then they are not


Some of My Favourite Poetry from the Nectar of Pain:

The Nectar of Pain consists of 300 poems on various topics. All of them are remarkable, as they give strength to focus on loving oneself and reject the unwanted thoughts and opinions of people who do not value them. It drives people to continue their journey,  to shine as the sky is the limit.

Life is unfair

Life is not fair,

but we can choose to be

fair humans even if life

 or other humans

choose to be


to us.

Golden Soul

If your heart is kind,

Your soul is golden.

Don’t ever change


A taste of your own medicine
A message of Najwa Zebian to her readers’

According to Good Read, its rating is 4/5, and 92% of people liked it on Google. People reviewed the nectar of pain in good words, admitted the book leaves a fusion of emotions, and are very satisfied with their choice after her book, the mind platter.

For me, this book is an answer to all those questions that I seldom ask from others. The magical words in this book give me strength, power, love, and courage to explore the uncharted things in the universe and an ability to love myself first before letting my heart choose to love others.

The Message of The Book:

The beautiful message of Najwa at the end of the book, “Because you are a beautiful heart“, will melt your heart to that extent where you could feel a light of hope for you; no matter where you are and what you do… you will feel loved by her words. I highly recommend the book enthusiasts read this book and discover the magic themselves.

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