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Waseem Akram – Ready to Part Ways with HuHu for Blue


Waseem Akram – Ready to Part Ways with HuHu for Blue:

A video of Waseem Akram is currently circulating on social media platforms. In the video, he talks about having a ten-year-long relationship and finally considering parts ways with HuHu.


What do you think about this ‘HuHu’?

After watching the video, one must think about what this HuHu is. So, let me help you here a little and remind you that Waseem Akram has been working with the detergent brand Ariel for the past ten years. And HuHu (now it clicks in your mind) is the slogan of the brand.

As departing or parting ways can be stressful as well as question rise, Waseem Akram has chosen a very light-hearted and fun way to announce his interest in working with some other brand.

Now, what is the ‘Blue Blue’?

However, Waseem mentioned working with Blue Blue in the video, but we are only open to guess. He didn’t say the brand name he would be working with, but he confirmed that the namely ‘Blue Blue’ brand had offered him a proposal he can’t come to refuse.

Ariel itself having a massive name in the market. Any other brand that made Waseem Akram think otherwise would have to be a biggie as well. And the talk of the colour blue can only make one think.

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