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Plantation – A Need of the Hour to Save Our Environment

let's save the planet together
Plantation: A need of the Hour to save our Environment.

Plantation – A Need of the Hour to Save Our Environment:

Trees are the biotic components of our ecosystem that sustain life on mother Earth. Tree-plantation refers to seeding and growing new trees. Doubtlessly, the plantation is the only way to save our environment as our human activities are swiftly transforming the planet into a polluted chamber. In addition, due to global warming temperature on Earth is rising rapidly.

Plants can save our enviornment.
When we plant a seed, we plant hope.

Consequently, we are running short of resources, fresh drinkable water, and fresh air. The best way to cure this dilemma and save our environment is to plant as many trees as possible. These self-sufficient components of our ecosystem play essential roles, from providing greenery to making the planet livable for all other species on the planet. Given the present ailing environmental conditions of the earth, trees are undeniably the sole life saviours for us.

Importance of Plantation:

Since the very beginning, trees have provided us with enormous vital gifts such as oxygen and food. Over time, humans discovered various other ways of using trees for their modern lifestyle. Trees have been exploited since then. Can you imagine how Earth would be like without trees? Just recall the scenes from the movie WALL-E where the whole planet was turned into a plant-less heap of dirt and pollution.

Needless to say that if we continue to exploit the planet at the same pace, we will end up with a very similar scenario. As aforementioned, plantation is the need of the hour to save our environment. Despite taking so little from the environment, trees give immense benefits to all living creatures around them. Here are some of the perks that trees provide us, making plantation a severe necessity in today’s era.

Plants Sustain Our Environment:

Trees help our environment by supplying oxygen, nourishing wildlife, upgrading the air quality, preserving soil, conserving water, and climate amelioration. The photosynthetic function of plants marvellously benefits us. Plants act as the carbon dioxide sinks and absorb all the CO2 junk. Also, they are the primary producers of oxygen and climate moderators.

They keep the climate under control by mitigating the effects of the sun, rain, and wind. Trees also play a role in holding the soil. Thus the far-reaching roots of trees prevent soil erosion and other damages by heavy rainfall. In addition, they filter and regulate the air. They also absorb many pollutants such as carbon mono oxide, sulfur, phosphorous and make the air safe to breathe.

Trees Are Home to Animals:

Trees are an essential facet of our ecosystem as they play a pivotal role in providing food and shelter to many animals and birds. In a forest, trees make a canopy for birds to live in. The herbivores thrive on fruits and leaves bestowed by plants. So they provide a home to almost all the living creatures on earth. That’s why deforestation leading to habitat loss is one of the significant causes of species extinction. So plantation can save many of the species from getting extinct.

Benefits of Wood:

Do you know what the first-ever fuel discovered by humans was? Yes, that was wood obtained from trees. Till the present day, wood is still in use for heating, cooking, and construction. Timber, another product from trees, is used to construct buildings, manufacture furniture, sports items, and various other tools and equipment. Additionally, All the nutritious fruits and nuts obtained by the trees are consumed locally and used for trade worldwide.

Greenery is Serene:

The social benefits of trees are beyond just relishing the green beauty. Trees and nature have a calming and stress-relieving impact on humans. Human settlements seem incomplete without trees around them. The cool shade they provide in summers is relished by all creatures, from birds to humans. Majestic trees come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures but their benefits are universal and valuable.

A pathway in the middle of a forest with big and green leafed trees
The tranquillity you feel around trees is priceless.

To Sum It Up:

Rapid industrialization and other human activities are becoming a significant threat to the survival and maintenance of trees. Now the importance of planting trees has increased more than ever. On 21st March, world plantation day is celebrated all around the globe to make the people aware of the significance of plantation. Let’s all contribute towards a greener future by planting a seed. It should be a mission of us all to grow more and more trees at individual and community levels.  We should all take part in saving our saviours.

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