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Labour Day – Holiday For Everyone Except Labours

Labour Day - Holiday For Everyone Except Labours

Labour Day – Holiday For Everyone Except Labours

Labour day, also known as workers day, is a day when workers worldwide receive a holiday. But this makes us wonder why there is a holiday for the labour force or how it all starts. It leads us back to Chicago, Illinois. On May 1, 1886, when labour activists protested against the violent behaviour of their cruel employers.

The labour force was working 16-hour shift without healthcare guarantee. They were not given any bonuses. To elevate the situation, employers cut down parts of employees’ salaries. It led to a protest in which the local police took action and killed almost 56 of the labours. The rest of them had their mouths shut, and no one dared to speak. After three years, the International Socialist Conference recognised May 1 as labour’s day.

Labour’s Day in Developed vs Developing Countries:

In countries like the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, the daily wagers get a paid holiday on the 1st of May. On the other hand, in developing countries like Pakistan, India, Argentina and so on, the daily wagers are not paid anything at all on this day.

The issue is an economic issue. It is simply because of the country’s per capita income. Countries like Pakistan are struggling to overcome their poverty while been in the dept of the World Bank. It causes the inflation rate to increase and burdened the daily wagers. It is safe to say that labour day is a holiday for everyone except labours.

Is it really a holiday?

We all celebrate it like a happy holiday but is it? So my answer to this question is straightforward. Yes, it is but only for the upper class. The rich and the powerful indeed enjoy this holiday like any other. They sit back and relax while the money rolls in.

On the other hand, the lower class and the daily wagers struggle to earn bread for their family. The amount of money they make is little compared to the rising prices of fundamental rights. Workers cannot get their basic food necessities such as sugar, rice, flour, salt etc. Even on holiday meant for them, they work to fill the bellies of their children. In other words, it is just an absurd situation which is going around for a while now. Every labour does not have a labour day for them.

Labour Day in Pakistan:

Just like any other country, Pakistan also celebrates labour day on the 1st of May every year. The workers want to enjoy the holiday as much as the rich, but the economy’s situation says otherwise. Learn more about the economy of Pakistan. It is the main reason that there is a community of poor people who work on this day to earn their living. So I think we can safely say that labour’s day is a holiday for all, except for the labourer.

Steps governments should take to improve:

Surely we all can provide a helping hand and work for the betterment of our community. There are some steps that if the government take to improve this situation:

  • Create multiple jobs so that those who don’t have a job or are looking for one can avail this opportunity.
  • Improve the economic conditions of the country.
  • Cut the rates of essential food items such as Rice, Flour, Salt, Milk, Pulses etc.
  • Increase the income of daily wagers.
  • Those who work overtime must receive a substantial growth in their income.

Steps we can take:

We, as human beings, should help our brothers and sisters as much as possible. We can surely all donate a dollar or so for the sake of humanity. We all must thrive and fight for the right of workers.


All in all, I would like to say that Labour day is celebrated to privilege the worker community. We all are lost in this materialistic world. Some lives to make their ends meet, and other energies to have a luxurious life. We must not forget that the labour community made our life regal. If not for them, we would have been working all day long to earn our bread and butter. Salute to them for making our lives easier. Ask yourself this question: Is labour day a holiday for labours?

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