Home Air Quality Will Germany be Successful in Achieving net-zero by 2045?

Will Germany be Successful in Achieving net-zero by 2045?

Will Germany be successful in achieving NET ZERO by 2045?

Will Germany be Successful in Achieving Net-Zero by 2045?

The German government has set stricter climate targets for the country to reach net-zero sooner. In late April 2021, Germany’s top court ruled that the country’s climate legislation was lacking in several areas. The court stated that the government should elaborate its emission reduction targets. The complaint was filed by young climate activists supported by some environmental NGOs. Therefore, the government brought forward an upgraded climate action plan.

Tougher Targets:

On 04th May 2021, German finance and environment ministers announced a raised climate target for Germany. According to the new proposal, Germany will aim for a 65% emission reduction by 2030 instead of 55%. Expectedly, Germany will have achieved carbon neutrality by 2045. It will be five years earlier than the previous goal. If the proposal becomes effective, Germany will have the second biggest emission reduction target after the United Kingdom.

An Untimely Decision?

Members of the European Union had previously decided to raise the climate target for 2030. Hence, Germany’s new climate plan is not a complete surprise. But, this was expected to happen only after the formation of a new government. The country will be holding its federal election this year in September.

It is being said that the decision came earlier than expected because of the court ruling. Although the government has over a year to set another target for 2030, this proposal was announced. In reality, climate action is a part of a party’s plan is being seen as a plus point.

Will Germany successfully reach carbon neutrality by 2045?

If this more demanding plan is approved, Germany will have to phase out coal by 2030. Steps to reaching net-zero will also include increased carbon fuel prices. But the question remains that will Germany be successful in achieving net-zero by 2045? The country’s current plan is to end coal usage by 2038. It appears to be quite late if they are to reach carbon neutrality by 2045

If Germany fulfils its newly set target, then changes in its current plans will have to be made. Most importantly, the climate budget for the country will have to be doubled. More will have to be invested in setting up charging stations besides phasing out coal.

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