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World Biodiversity Day: “We’re Part of the Solution”

International Day for Biodiversity:

World Biodiversity Day: “We’re Part of the Solution”:

International Day for Biodiversity has been observed since 1993. The authorities later shifted the date to May 22nd from the year 2000. The day was to celebrate the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adoption on May 22nd, 1992. United Nations adopted this convention in 1992 at a conference. CBD has three goals: conserving biodiversity, using it sustainably, and that everyone benefits from it equally.


Every year the World Biodiversity day is observed under a different theme that relates to the purpose. For instance, the theme for 2012 was Marine Biodiversity, whereas for 2020 was Our Solutions are in Nature. The idea behind this is to raise awareness on a particular environmental issue while relating to biodiversity. The United Nations organise events on this day. Besides this, many NGOs and governments also organise events to highlight the importance of biodiversity.

We’re Part of the Solution:

This year’s theme is We’re Part of the Solution #ForNature. This slogan has been introduced as an extension to last year’s slogan that drew our attention to how vital is biodiversity in achieving sustainability. Whether we seek solutions to climate and health issues, water security, or others, the answers are connected to biodiversity.

Most of the events and campaigns for the day will be held online due to the COVID pandemic. More people are expected to attend these campaigns as they will be online.

Biodiversity Day – Campaign Goals:

Campaign for World Biodiversity Day will aim at raising public awareness and gather support. The next target will be to establish a difference between the terms ‘nature’ and biodiversity which cannot be used interchangeably. Popularising the term biodiversity is also part of the campaign.


  • If we want to achieve 2050’s Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature, everyone must act.
  • We must seek solutions for climate change and loss of biodiversity because these issues result from human activities.
  • Communities will have to act as one to tackle environmental issues.
  • Most importantly, investing in green recovery will pay off in the long run.


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