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World Wetlands Day 2021


Wetlands and Water Day Theme of 2021

Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2 February every year to promote the importance of Wetlands and ecosystem services. World Wetlands Day aims to raise awareness about the sensitive ecosystem. This day was also marked as the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, Ramsar Convention which was signed in Ramsar Iran on 2 February 1971. The international theme for wetlands day is ‘Wetlands and Water’ for 2021. The theme highlighted the importance of the co-existence of wetlands and water that play a vital role to contribute to the quantity and quality of freshwater resources in our planet.  health of planet. Wetlands are the important areas that help to sustain and conserve the ecosystem. There are many significant benefits for both the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the wetlands in the environment. Some researchers concluded that up to 40% of the organisms breed significantly in the wetlands.

The wetlands inventory of Pakistan showed that there are 225 significant wetland sites. Only 112 sites are recognized at the international level.  Many countries are facing a water crisis that threatens people and the ecosystem. Wetlands play a significant role in the conservation of freshwater resources. Climate change triggers the consumption of more water than its replenishment and destroys the wetlands ecosystem.

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Importance of Wetlands

Some of the important benefits of the wetlands related to the ecosystem are

Wetlands offer countless benefits to ecosystem services from wildlife nursery, wind and storm buffer, fertile farmland, recreational and tourism to carbon sinks and mitigation of sea-level rise.

It helps to improve the water quality and store the water.

It provides habitat to many species.

It provides food to many species.

Wetlands also function as flood control and soil erosion.

It was economically beneficial for the human to provide products.

Wetlands also act as pollution filters and wind buffer.

Wetlands have rich biodiversity of species that carry out the different processes in the ecosystem.


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