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Skincare and Home Remedies – Myth vs Reality

Skincare: myths vs reality
Skincare: myths vs reality

Skincare and Home Remedies – Myth vs Reality:

 Our skin is also the victim of many myths forged by ancestors. But with the progression of science, most myths are being debunked by science based on research and experimentation on a larger sample size. Different skin types are there depending on textures and other factors.

Below are examples of some false claims debunked by science.

Use of sunscreen on cloudy days and indoors:

Do You Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors?
Do You Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors?

Myth: The interpretation is that you only need to apply sunblock on sunny days or when you are under the sun.

Reality: it is wrong as sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays. These rays reach the surface of the earth even on a cloudy day and also indoors. These rays easily penetrate the windows and windscreen. So, keep the sunscreen on your face all the time.

Antiwrinkle creams remove the wrinkles:

Anti Wrinkle Cream
Anti Wrinkle Cream

Myth: If you’re buying any product in the hype, it will remove wrinkles. You are becoming the victim to a false publicity stunt that is taken the hopes of many people and preying on personal insecurities.

Reality: Antiwrinkle cream only hydrates the skin and making the skin better the before. Retinol penetrates the skin, increases the development of the cell, aiding in many skin issues, including wrinkles, but it didn’t work like magic.

Spray tans act as a protectant against sunburn:

Myth: If you’re tanning your skin in the dream, it’ll protect your skin against the sun, then this myth is also debunked.

Reality: Research reports show that tan only changes skin tone. It didn’t play any significant role in protecting against the harmful effects of the sun.

Greasy food leads to acne:

Can Chocolate Actually Cause Acne Breakouts?
Can Chocolate Cause Acne Breakouts?

Myth: Diet has no significant effect on acne and pimples on the skin. We explain that eating chocolates and fried food causes acne, but; it is wrong.

Reality: Some studies prove that high glycemic index food that contains high starch content like potato, rice causes acne.

Natural skincare products are better for your skin:

It is one of the biggest myths encountered by some dermatologists and scientists and regarded as false because botanical or natural products are often unregulated. Some oils in the product cause allergic reactions or dermatitis in some people. So, consult your dermatologist before using any product.

Unhygienic lifestyle causes acne:

Acne involves four processes which are: 

And associative factors like hormone imbalance and stress. As stated by different consultants that hygiene does not play a role in the formation of acne, but not washing your face also does not help the condition.

Exfoliation of skin:

Exfoliating skin
Exfoliating skin

In skincare, a routine exfoliant is a pivotal element. Researchers have gathered the data that skin cells shed themselves monthly. You don’t need to buy exfoliators and different peel-off masks to achieve this. But they often prohibit to use of anything abrasive on your skin.

These are some of the most superficial myths or false claims. For good skin, consult a dermatologist because they know your skin and provide efficient treatment for skin conditions.

The experience of one person becoming the victim of society is the dilemma we are facing since the beginning. It has always led to false claims and misconceptions among the people in every walk of life. Be confident, do not be the victim of these societal insecurities like clear, brighten and tighten skin. Wear your skin as your identity.

Written by: Iqra Sarwar

Edited and Managed by: Uzma Arshad

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