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A NERF that was needed


In the recent chapters of Boruto: Naruto’s next generation the main characters of the previous series i.e; Naruto and Sasuke have been Nerfed. It was a much-needed thing as both of the characters were overpowered and no conflict can be created in the plot just because both of them could control the whole Shinobi world. Naruto with the chakra of the nine-tailed Biju Kurama was the most powerful person among the shinobi world and Hokage of the leaf village and unarguably he can beat all other Kages single-handedly. On the other hand, Sasuke Uchiha, the Shadow Hokage and he is parallel to naruto in terms of power and both are from the same village and on the same page. So how could someone possibly declare war or the conflict can be driven in the presence of these two. They even beat Momoshiki Otsutsuki in a fight in this series which is the best arc of this series until now. Sasuke beat Urashiki Ōtsutsuki and Naruto fought Delta and win so for the story to move on both characters are nerfed. When Naruto fought Isshiki Otsutsuki who was born through the body of Jigen. He was that much powerful that both Naruto and Sasuke were unable to tackle him and beaten badly. At that time Naruto came to know about Baryon Mode. Kurama told Naruto about Baryon Mode. Baryon Mode was lit and its design was also wonderful and because of which Isshiki Otsutsuki was beaten but the sad fact is Kurama Died after it. The whole Chakra of Kurama was used during this battle and Now we can never see the Nine-tailed transformation of Naruto ever again. The Rinnegan of Sasuke Uchiha was also damaged with the help of Kunai. Right after the fight of Naruto and Isshiki, the body of Boruto was overtaken by Momoshiki and he stabbed Sasuke in his eye with Rinnegan with the help of Kunai due to which at the end of the arc both characters were nerfed and their main powers are gone. So let’s see how the story will move forward now.



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