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    Aeromodelling – A Brain-Boosting Hobby

    Mr Mussarat Hussain is an engineer by profession. He has made over 250 models of aircraft.


    Aeromodelling – A Brain-Boosting Hobby:

    Aeromodelling is a popular hobby in the USA and European countries. Expectedly, it will soon become popular among Pakistani students. We recently took an interview with Mr Mussarat Hussain. He is an engineer by profession and doing aircraft modelling since 1967. Mr Mussarat is of the view that,

    “Introducing the concept of aeromodelling among students alone will suffice. It will automatically act as a catalyst to kindle their enthusiasm and ultimately lead them to take up coveted careers. These include pilot, aircraft designer, technician, and aerospace engineer.”

    So sir, when did you start aeromodelling?

    Well! I started my scale modelling in 1967. I had a passion for flying as my late father was a fighter pilot in PAF. As a child, I developed a liking for aircraft. I have built about 250 models in this period, and around 160 models are in the pipeline.

    Tell me something about aeromodelling?

    There are two aeromodelling branches. First is the scale modelling in which static display of aircraft model is done. The second is RC aeromodelling. In RC aeromodelling, an actual flying display is carried out in an open field. Also, we can do it indoors in a giant hangar. Further, I go to scale modelling because there are various scales in a scale modeller.

    For example, we have a 1/72 scale. It is the most common one. The kit is readily available. Furthermore, we have 1/48, 1/32, and the last is 1/24. With the scale of 1/24, the same aircraft model will get more prominent against the 1/72 scale. If we go higher in the hierarchy, like 1/100 or 1/144, the aeroplane will get smaller. Additionally, we have 1/122, 1/250 and 1/450. However, these scales are very rare.

    army plane

    How much time does one aircraft take, and how much does it cost?

    With an STND scale of 1/72, it takes about a week or maybe ten days to build a model aeroplane. In foreign countries, they design aero models using balsa wood, polystyrene, and card stock. Such models cost PKR 20,000 or more. Transmitter used to operate aero models costs up to PKR 100,000.

    Is it a good hobby for children?

    Yes, it is a very creative hobby but only for children over ten years. Aeromodelling – A Brain-Boosting Hobby. It is a very time-consuming hobby. When a child is indulging in this, it will enhance his talent and mental capabilities.

    How do you promote aeromodelling at the national or international level?

    I am a member of IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) based in Trafford, England. At the national level, I am also a member of SMAP (Scale Modellers Association Pakistan). SMAP hold an exhibition and a competition on a national level twice a year.

    Fauji plane

    What do you want to say about aeromodelling for a new generation?

    As I said, it is a perfect hobby for our new generation. Young boys and girls should come into this hobby. It polishes the technical skill of an individual.

    So, this ends up as a hobby for learners?

    It depends upon how you look at it. Big companies like Boeing organise aeromodelling competitions and the regional and national levels. These significant companies want to keep themselves connected with the aeromodelling companies as flying concepts and principles are put to the test at these places. Once a person participates here, they have a variety of career options.

    What kind of research is going on in the field of aeromodelling?

    Nowadays, our RC aero-modellers are flying actual jet turbine engine aeroplanes. In scale modelling, we can make a diorama depicting any significant events during any war or something like an aircraft under maintenance in the hanger. This hobby has no limit.

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