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Areesh Fatima – A 4-Year-Old Girl Aces in Microsoft Exam


Areesh Fatima – A 4-Year-Old Girl Aces in Microsoft Exam:

Areesh Fatima, a 4-year-old Pakistani girl from  Karachi, has become a Microsoft Certified Professional and created a history.

Areesh Fatima’s Achievement:

She appeared in the MCP exam in which adults appear to prove themselves that they have complete knowledge of today’s technical roles and requirements. Moreover, Areesh aced in this exam with a great result and added a charm to her country’s name. Hence, this achievement brings her into the league of the Pakistanis who aced the MCP certification at incredibly young ages.

She does not just pass the exam. Moreover, She managed to score good marks. The minimum passing marks of MCP are 700, and she got 831 points.

Areesh’s Interest:

Areesh is an intelligent kid with an exceptional ability to memorise things in one look. Her parents find that she is a quick learner and a great observer, and her attention to detail praiseworthy at such a young age.

She is curious about learning new things via the internet. Areesh’s parents were quick to observe her interest in computers AND IT related stuff from a young age. In comparison, working at home during a pandemic. Her father is an IT specialist, and he always wanted his daughter to be an IT specialist.

Areesh quickly grasps all the technicalities of computers. She was soon learning how to create and manage documents in Microsoft Word, format texts and sections, and create tables and insert graphic elements in a file.

The Microsoft Office technical certifications, one of which Areesh took, equip the candidates to be familiar with basic MS Office Suite features.

These things allow them to demonstrate their skills in different applications of MS Office. It includes creating and managing large word documents, creating tables, reports, and charts and adding references.

Areesh Fatima’s early exposure and interest, along with her parents’ guidance, make her pass the MCP exam successfully and achieve this milestone.

It is pretty early to say what the future has in store for her, but Areesh’s set of skills and her hunger for knowledge about computers forecasts a bright perspective of her achievements to come.

Recently we have heard about some of the kids who are making the country proud with the work. Pakistan has so many talented kids like Areesh, who are the future of Pakistan.

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