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Being A Geek is The New Black for Pakistani Women

Zeenat Anjum

Being A Geek is The New Black for Pakistani Women:

In our search for influential youngsters of Pakistan, we met Zeenat Anjum. An Automotive Engineer by profession, Zeenat Anjum is also a techpreneur, content creator, mentor, and Techwomen Fellow 2019. She represented Pakistan in Silicon Valley. Moreover, she went to research policy-making at UC Berkeley.

Being an automotive engineer, she has extensively explored alternative energy applicable in the case of electric vehicles. Furthermore, Zeenat has contributed to many blogs regarding her technical expertise implying climate change. Her expertise includes STEM, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development.

Zeenat Is An Advocate of Women Empowerment:

Zeenat Anjum has supported entrepreneurship – especially by women – to become economically independent and practice gender diversity at leading positions. Being a woman in STEM, she understands the importance of proper mentorship. She knows business ideas must bloom. Zeenat wants to help Pakistani women get more informed of technology for better consumer reach (including freelancing). Her ventures include The Masters and Digiwrite.

Zeenat is Showing the World How Being A Geek is The New Black for Pakistani Women:

Check out our YouTube Channel to find more about Zeenat’s business ventures:

Zeenat’s Suggestions For Beginners:

It is rare to find self-built women in a male dominating society. We asked Zeenat what she would advise female beginners. Fortunately, the list is neither big nor difficult to follow.

  1. Never underestimate yourself. Start with a purpose and make that your profession. It is necessary to have a burning passion for what you are doing and excel without stressing yourself.
  2. Once you have an idea, do not rush about it. Always do your homework properly before execution. That way, you will learn about its practical implementation and have a goal to serve.
  3. Even though your product or service may target a huge market, start from baby steps. Test and trial on a small batch of audience.
  4. Calculate your time invested, whether it is a business or a project. Do not sell yourself cheap.
  5. Always believe in yourself. Be consistent, and you will experience exponential growth In-Shaa-Allah. There is no such thing as an overnight success.


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