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Bibbidi Bobbidi Dough – A delectable spell you didn’t know!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Dough

Bibbidi bobbidi dough is definitely a delectable spell you didn’t know before. Bibbidi bobbidi boo must have been fairy  godmother’s spell but Hira uses a yummier version of it. Hubdaily got the chance to interview Hira Mirza, a zealous chef running a small business on Instagram. She shared with us how she started her business, came up with a magical name for it, and her plans for the future.

A brief self-introduction:

Hi, my name is Hira Mirza. I’m 18 years old and I’m a chef. I am currently doing my bachelor degree of Business from COMSATS, Islamabad. And lastly, I own an online business of doughnuts and goods know as Bibbidi.bobbidi.dough.

When did you start Bibbidi Bobbibi Dough and how has been your experience with it? How challenging has it been?

As I always enjoyed cooking and kitchen was my escape from all problems so I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting. My brother loves food and I loved to cook for him. His eyes would light up after having my food. I just loved that feeling. So during this pandemic I experimented a lot and created a page known as ‘anyonecancook‘ on Instagram. I used to make videos of my own recipes and recreate famous recipes. That went really well and then on one fine day my brother Sherjan asked me to make doughnuts and I said ” no, it’s too hard and I won’t be able to do it” but as always he encouraged me and made me watch many recipes. That night I made my first ever batch of doughnuts. And when my family ate them they were all so happy and proud of me that my eyes teared up. From that day my journey of Bibbidi.bobbidi.dough began. It was challenging no doubt but I enjoyed every little step.

The theme of your store is quite unique and attractive. Was it your idea to name it Bibbidi Bobbidi?

This is a very interesting question. So, we had less time and many things to do related to the business and the most basic task was to name it. We came up with many names. Everyone I know pitched in with their amazing ideas but then on a very cozy night, me and my brother were chilling in his room and suddenly bhai came and said: ‘Ok, I’ve decided a name’, and he knew I wanted something magical, something to which I could connect, so he said: ‘Let’s name it Bibbidi.bobbidi.dough. It’ll be just like how it was with Cinderella when the fairy godmother appeared and made everything better, same would be the case with my doughnuts. And without a second thought I approved.

Cooking looks like your thing but did you just stumble upon the idea of starting a small business or did you always wanted to do it?

It was always my dream to make everyone happy by cooking for them. And it’s my goal to open a café or restaurant with brilliant food and ambiance, where everyone can come and enjoy affordable and delicious food. And where my customers feel like home. I just want to provide a warm and friendly environment.

Since you’re in this field, is there a chef whose recipes you like to try or enjoy watching? Perhaps, an inspirer?

Oh yes definitely. I love to watch cooking shows and my favorite is Gordon Ramsey. He is straight up savage and I admire how passionate he is about his field.

As an aspiring chef you must love experimenting. What is the most fun recipe you’ve tried?

Hahaha, yes. I feel like without experimenting there is no fun in any profession. Who likes a basic and boring life, right?! The most fun recipe was the one I recreated from a Disney movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’. The meatball spaghetti. You guys should definitely check it out on my another page known as ‘anyonecancook7′ (https://www.instagram.com/anyonecancook7/).

A majority out there is selling cakes. How did the idea of selling delicious doughnuts occur to you?

The competition out there is crazy. There are so many talented people nowadays, MashaAllah. But I always felt like doing something different, something which is not mainstream. So, I made loaded doughnuts with original toppings.

Do you manage everything by yourself or do you have a team to give you a hand? If no, then do you plan to have one?

For now, I manage everything by myself. But in near future I will definitely have a team.

What, in your opinion, brings the desired taste to a food item? Is it the ingredients or something more important?

Everyone has ingredients and recipes, but the thing which brings uniqueness to my food items is my admiration of food and not being scared to experiment. Trust me, I’ve done disasters but that was also fun. Love and hard work without letting your standards go down is also an important part.

Do you plan to add other food items to your store in the future? If yes, what would they be and if no, why not?

Definitely yes! It would be a variety InshaAllah. Pastas, burgers, lasagna, Turkish food, cookies, brookies and many many more!

Hira also shared some pictures of her yummy doughnuts with us:

To order Hira’s delectable doughnuts check her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/bibbidi.bobbidi.dough/

For some superb recipes follow her page: https://www.instagram.com/anyonecancook7/

Hira plans to expand her business by adding many more items to her store in the future and so we wish her all the very best!


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