Home Politics Capital or Not; You Can’t Change Importance Of Karachi

Capital or Not; You Can’t Change Importance Of Karachi

Capital or Not; You Can't Change Importance Of Karachi

Capital or Not; You Can’t Change Importance Of Karachi:

Karachi is the megacity of Pakistan. It is the fifth-largest city globally in terms of population and the seventh-largest in terms of area. It is also the first capital of Pakistan, which Muhammad Ali Jinnah selected. It is home to communities from across the country.

Karachi is a melting pot of many different flavours. It is home to many religions, races, uncountable spoken languages, many diverse cultures, glorious architectural heritage, and a safe and natural harbour in its south gives it a sophisticated touch. Capital or not, you can’t change the importance of Karachi.

Karachi Assists In Building Pakistan:

Pakistan without Karachi is Pakistan without its backbone. Karachi helps build Pakistan as it is the major contributor to the economy. As per an estimate, it generates about 70 to 75% of the revenue of the country. It is mainly due to the presence of the two ports in the city. The airport of Karachi is one of the busiest in Asia.

All foreign countries’ priority is to invest in Karachi because of what the city has to offer. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. If it stops beating, Pakistan will stop working. If the industries of Karachi are shut down for a single day, Pakistan’s economy will suffer severe damages. In other words, Karachi is a money-making megacity.


The city of Karachi is heaven for Pakistani street food lovers. Food has always been the highlight in Karachiites’ life. One of the most significant influences on the food here comes with the Urdu speaking Karachiites. They migrated from different parts of India at the time of partition. Downtown Street on Burns Road had long been a food hub for Karachiites. This food street is famous for traditional food items.


The people of Karachi are very well cultured and polite. They are educated, intelligent, fast and speak the national language of the country, i.e. Urdu, beautifully. They are more politically aware than the rest of the country. You can find all colours of Pakistan because people from all over the country are living here.

This cultural diversity creates a beautiful mix of cultures and traditions. As a result, it makes this city a fantastic place to live in. The economic development of Pakistan is only because of Karachiites who work hard for the development of the economy.

Dating Back To The British Victorian Era:

Karachi is one of the historical cities that is connected to its past. Some of the houses in Karachi are built on old architectural designs created in the Victorian era. The Merewether Clock Tower, Empress Market and Frere Hall are some of the beautiful architectural pieces of the city.

The Nightlife:

Why is Karachi the city of lights? Because most of the people in Karachi are working till late at night. There is a famous line about Karachi, “Duniya So Rahi thi pr Karachi Jag Raha Tha (the world sleeps but Karachi stays awake).” I also came across another line, “Karachi may Sooraj Raat k 12 bjay niklta hai (The sun rises after midnight in Karachi).”

Almost all cities in Pakistan have closed shops, malls and even restaurants at midnight. However, in Karachi, everything is open late at night, and people enjoy it very much.


Finally, the reason Karachi is an important city is because of its sea. To name a few, it has Clifton Beach, French Beach and Gadani. These beaches would pass international standards of high beaches.


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