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10 Typical Dental Myths in Pakistan Busted

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10 Typical Dental Myths In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, many dental myths are circulating that we hear often. Not all are true. Some are right to an extent. Here in this article, we are busting ten dental myths heard around.

1. Extracting A Tooth Affects Eyesight:

Extracting a tooth never has any effect on eyesight. The nerve that supplies the eye and supplies to the teeth are completely different and located at other places.

2. Scaling Causes Loosening of Teeth:

A common misconception that scaling loosens teeth is partially correct. Scaling is a procedure done to clean your teeth off tartar and stains on teeth. If you have heavy tartar present on your teeth that has caused the gums to recede, the teeth become loose. But in most cases, teeth stop moving after some time.


3. Dental Issues Are Genetic:

Where dental issues can be a cause of genetics, usually it is not. There are scarce chances where the history of dental problems comes in genetically where cavities are concerned. It can be a cause of improper brushing habits and poor oral hygiene maintenance.

4. With Age, Teeth Are Prone to Diseases:

Age does not affect your dental problems. You are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and oral hygiene, cleaning and brushing your teeth timely, getting regular dental check-ups to help to avoid many problems in the long run.

5. Extracting A Tooth Leads to Extracting Other Teeth As Well:

There is no such thing that may lead to loss of all teeth after getting one tooth extracted. Maintaining proper oral hygiene helps preserve the health of other teeth.

6. Overeating Sweet Affects Teeth:

Overeating sweet and then not brushing affects the teeth after eating sticky foods, candies, etc., and then not brushing damages the teeth. If you have a sweet tooth and like to eat sweets a lot, it is highly advised to rinse or brush after eating candies.


7. Use of Stiff Brush:

Stiff brushes are mainly used to clean dentures. Cleaning natural teeth is never advised by using these. The use of stiff brushes compromises your teeth and gums. It is always recommended to use soft brushes to clean your teeth and gums.

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8. Baby Teeth Require No Care:

Baby teeth are also known as Deciduous teeth. These teeth are also as important as permanent teeth. Shedding of baby teeth is a timely process, and a cavity or infection can affect the upcoming predecessor tooth. Treating baby teeth on time is also always necessary.

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9. The More Time You Brush, the Better:

Brushing for 2 minutes is enough; however, the brushing technique is equally important. The more time you take a brush, you may damage the teeth and gums as continuous force and pressure lead to the tooth surface’s abrasion.

10. The Only Treatment is An Extraction:

There are a lot of options to treat an aching tooth. Not all teeth are meant to be extracted. Proper diagnosis and treatment planning can always help save a tooth if it can withstand masticatory forces in the long run.

Point to Ponder:

So, 10 Typical Dental Myths In Pakistan are busted. Our mouth is the gateway to our body. If it is healthy, we can prevent many diseases in our bodies. Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and such diseases are linked with poor oral hygiene. It is highly advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene to prevent unwanted diseases.

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