This terrific outbreak of severe disease COVID-19 became the reason for several million deaths worldwide. The biggest yet difficult challenge was to contain the virus as it is easily transmitted in humans and animals.

After the first two cases reported of COVID-19 in Pakistan, further steps were taken in immediate action. The proper lockdown was implemented due to which people of Pakistan could not spend their religious festival with pleasure and amusement.

Most of the people were taking everything for granted and letting the condition get under control. However, due to the increasing number of Pakistan cases, the government has again announced a lockdown for prevention.

The information minister announced, “The Prime Minister Imran Khan has so far resisted the proposal to impose complete lockdown as he always tried to impose a system under which the economy doesn’t come to a halt, but if in case the situation doesn’t come under control in one week then we will be compelled to think about the complete lockdown.”

Many other countries have cautiously started falling back to the same place they were last year with the new normal. Pakistan has also decided to recommend all businesses under specific precautionary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The Prime minister while chairing a meeting of the National Coordination Committee. He said that the government had decided to announce five-day Eid holidays;

“The five-day Eid holidays would ease the burden on the cities as the pandemic is an urban phenomenon.”
“Our government has been doing its best since last one year to avoid the situation of complete lockdown in the country as such a decision creates serious repercussions for our daily wage earners and traders,” Chaudhry said.

As Eid-ul-Fitr is on its way, preparations would be on the peak from selecting dresses from the market and getting oneself groomed from the salons. After the announcement of the lockdown, all salons should be closed till the 16th of May 2020. Nonetheless, some salons owners are not ready for closing up their salons. For this purpose, they have opened up for giving spa and salon services at homes.

The first lockdown took a toll on many businesses. The new round of restrictions is likely to be challenging as well. Many salons are still operating secretly but waiting for the axe to fall in the form of a government raid or forcible closure.

The salons have agreed on providing proper salon services at homes with (COD) Cash on delivery to whoever is willing to avail of the services. Located in the city’s most posh and rich commercial areas, such salons have admitted to operating salon services behind closed doors.

Despite the government’s orders for shutting it down, Eid remains to be one of their busiest times of the year. It is why once we reached out for appointments, we were told that they were still getting customers (some even having waiting lists).

• “Nabila’s Salon”, a famous salon and spa in Karachi, has faced criticism for not following the SOP’s. Their owner has now decided to close the salon and has switched the services at home with proper SOPs.

• A men’s salon in Zamzama revealed how worst the situation is. They added further that they were terrified of finding themselves at such a crossroads situation.

From the previous experience where everyone was being fined left, right and centre, we’re terrified. If we don’t generate income, we can’t pay salaries.” One of their representatives who chose to stay anonymous explained.
“We were the first ones to offer home services, but at the end of the day, it’s still a huge loss,” they admitted. The representative added that while their salon is shut, they are once again arranging staff to be sent out to people’s homes.



Dr Semi Jamali, Executive Director of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), says,

“After the second wave, people thought this is it. It’s over. There was barely anybody following standard operating procedures (SOPs), such as mask-wearing and maintaining social distancing. Even in the hospitals, people are just not careful. We still haven’t stopped gatherings such as weddings and functions that are causing the spread of this disease.”
Dr Naseem Ali Sheikh, lead for the Covid-19 response in Lahore’s Hameed Latif Hospital, is of the view that “With Eid approaching, the masses are on the streets, and no one is ensuring precautions. Just setting laws is not sufficient. Enforcing them is essential to avoid the impending doom.”


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