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Hamza Sohail – Entertaining People With His Talent

Hamza Sohail - Entertaining People With His Talent

Hamza Sohail – Entertaining People With His Talent:

Hamza Sohail is an original comedian making thousands of people laugh with his content. In this time of loneliness and despair, this 22-year-old “good male hamza Sohail” brings smiles to many people’s faces.

Read to know more about Hamza and his life story.

Briefly tell me about yourself.

I’m Muhammad Hamza. Currently, I’m 22 years old, studying in my final year of law at the University of London.

How did you discover your passion for comedy?

From a young age, I’ve been a film enthusiast playing around with cameras. I was obsessing over actors, comedians, their movies, and their commitment. My approach to comedy initially began making skits with my cousins of old Punjabi movies that our parents used to watch that we thought were cringe and funny AF. It later progressed into me making comedy skits for my friends and posting them in groups. I always enjoyed making people laugh, and it was an escape for me.

Is it true that comedians offstage/offline are generally loners and relatively quiet?

Not necessarily. It’s not that comedians are generally loners. It’s the other way around, really: loners are usually comedians. The difference is crucial. The events in our lives shape who we become, how we deal with them. I, Alhamdulillah, never had a problem interacting with people, but it’s just the things I committed myself to that regarded me to act in a way that was easy to make fun of. I spent most of my college life and student life ridiculed and laughed on, but it went breezy for me because I couldn’t see it happening.

It was retrospect and eye awakening moments when I was expelled from college in A2. Everyone I knew thought I was a joke for an entire year. I did not leave the house, did not meet anyone, and was not depressed. I just felt like someone pulled the rug out under me, and I was free-falling into a world I had no idea how to interact with. This year-long isolation led me to become socially awkward with the way I interact with people, the repercussions of which I feel to this day.

I, Hamza Sohail, put on a supremely confident personality, but deep down, I know how hard it is to have a normal conversation and utter words out of my mouth instead of noises. The point is it’s your experience with life that shapes you. I ran from my problems and joked about them for years on social media to become who I am today. That’s what made me this.

Does your rising fame concern you in any way?

My fame, if you can call it that, is not rising. It’s gradually increasing, and that’s what I love the most. All you need today to become an influencer with 10k followers is consistent posting and a ring light. However, it took me ten years to get here, which is why I always feel like I’m blessed to have an organic following and not floodgates of people that are not loyal.

I love my niche, and it helps me be so natural with my content. My rising fame is no bother to me until and unless it is unregarded fame, i.e. A viral video causing hundreds of people who just liked one mainstream joke to follow me. Yeah, that would be great to have lots of followers, but how do I manage to entertain them when they have a false sense of humour or what I do?

Hamza Sohail, Who do you reach out to in your challenging moments?

Allah. There is no one to help you in your troubles but Allah. Big or small. I don’t want to preach, but I’ve seen Him do wonders for me. And I mean actual Wonders.

Hamza, I have heard and seen that most artists hit a plateau at least once in their careers. How will you tackle that plateau?

My career is as a lawyer. It is my passion. No one or no achievement can take it away from me. No matter where I am or how successful I am, or how exhausted or washed out I am as a comedian, I will always be acting, I will always be saying shit that I think of, and that will ALWAYS keep me satisfied.

Would you like to say something to all the people watching you in this time of despair?

Don’t ever think your dreams are too big. Anything is possible. Just approach your goals seriously and realistically. Nothing happens overnight, and no one will do it for you.

Hamza, You are like a knight in shining armour for the people in their sad moments. Who is your knight in shining armour?

Every step I take towards making my dreams come true is me being my knight.

Inspiring the young generation to take a different path that makes them happy and successful is proud of. Hamza Sohail, How do you encourage youth to follow their hearts?

Again I would say, think big. Please don’t limit yourself, but don’t approach it unreasonably. You’re not going to become an actor overnight by making 10 TikTok- Well, even that can happen in Pakistan, so…!

Hamza Sohail, Can you share any one of your favourite quotes?

Nothing changes if nothing changes- Courtney Stevens inspired by Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity- doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results.

Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations are legends like Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, and Rowan Atkinson (Mr bean), who did not let their awkward personalities or looks or quirks affect how they perceived themselves.

Hamza Sohail, How will you be using your platform in the future?

When I joined Instagram, there were no influencers. When I started posting, you had to post a 40-second video in 4 different 10-second posts, and no one could guide you or shout you out or help you grow. the most famous was Mooroo, with only 15k followers.

Hamza Sohail – Entertaining People With His Talent: Well, I aim to use my platform to guide kids looking to get into comedy how I wanted someone to guide me. To teach them how Silly this entire game of ” how many followers you have ” in reality is. I aim to use my videos to educate my friends and followers on making quality content and not go towards Just doing and saying stupid stuff to be viral. That sort of famous is worthless and proves nothing for you.

To end the interview on a good note, please say something is encouraging to people watching you.

To all the people that support me: You are the reason, I go to sleep happy. I’ve been blessed with everything in life, but I always lost purpose and dreamt about becoming a comedian one day. And I am so glad, no matter how small, I get to call myself that. And it’s only and only because of people who stayed by me for ten years and those who came later and stuck.

Hamza Sohail – Entertaining People With His Talent: Check out Hamza Sohail’s content Here.

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