In Conversation With an Air Hostess – Hiba Fatima


    In Conversation With an Air Hostess – Hiba Fatima:

    When we talk about air hostess as a profession, what do you think? What exactly do air hostesses do?. The job of an air hostess is to coordinate with security and make comfortable travel for everyone. She greets, guides, briefs, and assists passengers about safety, flight rules, and deplaning.

    To know about Air Hostess as a profession, I interviewed Hiba Fatima, an Air hostess in Pakistan International Airlines. 30-year-old Hiba did her master’s in International Relationship in 2013.

    When did you start a job as an air hostess?

    My induction had been in August 2012. So I have 9-year experience in this profession.

    İn Conversation With an Air Hostess - Hiba Fatima

    What are the eligibility criteria?

    Eligibility criteria are that you must have clear your intermediate with at least 50% marks. The age limit is between 18-25 years. Height should be a maximum of 6 feet, and weight should be less than 75kg. Self-grooming is most important. Able to swim and must have a valid passport with no restrictions.

    Is there any specific course to become an Air hostess?

    Yes, there is a course. After selection, you must have to do three months’ study. It includes fire fighting drills, emergency wet drills, emergency landing drills, decompression emergency, medical, and security training in a bomb threat or hijacking. Air hostess repeats this course annually. Moreover, it assesses by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

    İn Conversation With an Air Hostess - Hiba Fatima

    What are the pros and cons of this profession?

    In cons of this profession, I would say “you have no personal life left”. Pros are that “you will have a good salary package, medical facilities, and most importantly, you have a chance to visit many countries”.

    What are the societal barriers of this profession?

    There is only one societal barrier that I feel is that “people still think it’s not a good profession for girls. Due to culture and religious mindset, people still don’t accept it and feel it is an insecure profession”.

    How this profession affects your personal life?

    In her words, “As I said earlier, you have no personal life left, because timings are so fluctuating sometimes having night flight like 4 am, 2 am sometimes day flights. Family life disturbs, can’t give time to family. Family always have complaints”.

    What message would you convey to society and those who want to be air hostesses?

    In Conversation With an Air Hostess – Hiba Fatima: I would say to girls who want to opt for this profession, “before opting for this profession, you have to be strong both mentally and physically. Moreover, know that it’s not a bad profession. It is the same as other professions, so don’t be afraid of society. Do what you want.” To society, I would say, “Change your mindset.”

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