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In Conversation With An Architect – Qurat-ul-Ain

In Conversation With An Architect - Qurat-ul-Ain

In Conversation With An Architect – Qurat-ul-Ain:

A profession in Architecture has a corresponding nature to art. This Profession Week, the HubDaily introduces the cream of professionals. Qurat-ul-Ain is an architect by profession. She shares the journey that led her to this profession. Her journey is concerned with the art and practice of designing and constructing infrastructure. She shares how she relates architecture to art and the skills required to opt for a career of this sort in this conversation with us.

What inspired you to opt for a career in architecture?

I landed accidentally in the industry, and there wasn’t any motivational drive to pursue it as a career, but it grew on me with time. With each passing day, I tend to enjoy myself more, so I think learning is the key and inspiration.

“The more I am exploring the multiple facets of it, the more I am enjoying and dwelling on it.”

What exactly is your department or the activity sector that you are concerned with specifically in your job?

So these days, I am more of an all-rounder. The firm I am attached with is concerned with consultancy and construction, so I am engaged in planning, budgeting, client dealing, site supervision, material selection, cost estimation and billing.

Being an art admirer, what beauty do you see and feel in designing glorious buildings and infrastructure?

“I think every art piece should have a contribution to society.”

Our designed spaces and buildings are living art pieces, and there has to be a positive impact on the end-users, society and natural environment. These spaces and infrastructure should align with the area’s aesthetics and should be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Would you call an Architect an artist other than an engineer? Why?

“An Architect is an Artist and Engineer simultaneously. There is a continuous juggling of the right and left brain hemispheres.” 

The architect is a problem solver at every stage, from sketching the first line to placing the last tile of the building. At each stage, he has to deal with his own set of problems. Good problem-solving skill is a combination of artistically pleasing solutions backed with complete proof systems. So a firm grip on technicalities is a must for efficient planning, but these solutions shouldn’t be boring and a burden on the eye. Here it would be best if you had an artist’s eye.

What are the designing, planning and management skills needed for a profession in architecture?

“The most important is the spark and passion within you for what you do.”

Without enjoying your work, you won’t be able to create something different. It’s a long list. If you want to excel in this field, you have to work on multiple dimensions.

  • Good hand on sketching and drawing
  • Good communication skills
  • Handy on different software
  • Good knowledge of materials and systems
  • Good decision making skill
  • Time management and teamwork skills.

How do you manage your professional and personal life to help prevent the two spheres of your life from clashing?

I think time management is the key in the architecture industry. Prior planning of projects and flexible working slots are helping me. Credit goes to my boss, who is very cooperative in this regard and my family in case of my late sittings and outstation visits.

We thank Qurat-ul-ain for sharing her precious ideas and time with us. To know more about her and what she does, you can follow her on her social media handle given below:

In Conversation With An Architect – Qurat-ul-Ain: https://instagram.com/architectspursuit?utm_medium=copy_link.

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