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Meet Saher Iftikhar – A Business Law Graduate and An Entrepreneur Mom

Saher Iftikhar

Meet Saher Iftikhar – A Business Law Graduate and An Entrepreneur Mom:

Meet Saher Iftikhar, a Pakistani brought up in UAE, qualified as a Business Lawyer from the UK. She also worked in retail for ten years in Dubai. She is a mother of two and currently a full-time stay-at-home mom. Saher Iftikhar runs a small clothing brand MSDN as an entrepreneur and a full-time social media influencer that helps the brand gain exposure and uses her platform to motivate, inspire, and raise awareness.

We talked to her about her life journey on social media, her struggles, her inspiration behind starting her brand, and much more. Keep reading to get insights.

When did you start your journey here, and What/Who was the inspiration behind it?

It was back in November 2017 when one random night. I made my profile public with the hope to meet and interact with more people as living away from family can be challenging outside our home country. The intention was to meet and socialise with mommies, and it began from there. My friend Qudsia encouraged me to use my platform to inspire educated mommies from my experience and leanings.  And then I was a mommy blogger from Dubai.

Many people still think Digital Content Creation is nothing more than fun. What would you say to them?

If you have a passion for content creation, it can be fun to earn money and use time more productively.

What are the challenges of being a content creator?

It’s very time-consuming. Being a creator means you are the owner of the content, the concept, the script, the recordings, videography, editing, caption. It’s all a one-person show and can be overwhelming at times, especially when you have kids, a home, job going on simultaneously.  People don’t realise how difficult content creation is. It needs to be said out in the open that content creation is a real job. Making people understand this is a real challenge.

What are the perks of being a Content Creator that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy having significant exposure to many brands. Also, I get the perks of being amongst the first ones to preview and review launches and venues. One opportunity leads to another, and that’s the best part of this job. One good piece of content invites more brands to collaborate. So it’s legit like a platform for yourself and your capabilities to attract opportunities.

How do you deal with online hate?

Initially, it used to hurt, bother and devastate me, ruin my mood for days, thinking what did someone gain by spitting so much hate. I used to feel pain and urge to justify myself and change their perspective and trust me. I did that, but then I realised a person who isn’t happy with their own life could never understand me.
It’s a waste of my time and energy to change them. I now say a prayer for them, let it go, and move on with those who send me love and are happy to see me. I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll always have someone unhappy with me and will stay upset with anything I do, and that’s ok. We can’t make everyone happy.

Many people believe that you must have thick skin to survive the world of the internet. What do you think about it?

It’s a number one requirement. You need that, and you need it to get thicker as time passes by. More fans also mean some more haters.

You are running an e-business alongside too, would you like to tell our readers what is it all about?

MSDN is my baby, made with Love and with lots of hope. I created this brand keeping my followers in mind and things I know they want but find hard to get. Modest clothing is not readily available outside UAE. The prayers scarfs are something not many people make or sell. The number of queries I used to get on my clothes and praying scarves made me create MSDN for them. MSDN Stands for MANSOOR, SAHER IFTIKHAR, DUA, NYLE; my family.

Your venture must consume a lot of your time. How do you manage work-life balance?

Along with kids, house chores, and content creation, this is an added work to my daily routine because this is MY work, I run it, I am the boss, and I have the passion for it.. it fits in very quickly. The only difference is now I have to enjoy my tea and pack my orders, and it’s ok.  Every minute counts when you want to succeed in life.

And lastly, What advice would you like to give to people who also want to step into this world but are not sure about it?

If you have a passion for it,  don’t think twice. Do it. It’s a free platform where you can express any of your strengths. Be it acting, writing, painting, makeup, cooking, interior designing, henna designing, DIY, hacks, if you have anything to share, educate,  entertain, and inspire people, join it.

In today’s world, social media is the only place people forget worries or share the pain. So, if you can share love, joy, happiness, creativity, information, anything positive. Come and join us and help us make a difference.

We loved takes to Saher Iftikhar. Find more about her on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saher.i.mansoor/?hl=en.

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