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Meet the Blogger Squad of Four Medical Graduates; Musings of Medicos

Meet the squad of four Blogger Medicos
Meet the squad of four Blogger Medicos

Meet the Blogger Squad of Four Medical Graduates; Musings of Medicos:

Give an introduction to your squad.

We are a squad of 4 girls; Rehmat, Rabail, Shahwar, and Ume Laila. We belong to different towns of Sindh, and we have recently graduated from Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi. Fortunately, We were not only batchmates, but we also shared the same room in our hostel. It grew our bond stronger! Currently, we are waiting for our house job to start. We are too excited to experience our professional life together, In-Sha-Allah. ✨

How did your blog got initiated; how it all started?

Haha, well, we never actually thought we would start a blog as we weren’t sure if we would give it proper time and our studies. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we were at our respective hometowns for about six months. So, we were missing our hangouts and hostel life.

In September, there was a very casual discussion between us on a video call to make a public spam account on Instagram. To talk about how in the era of fake people, university friendships can last forever! Plus, we wanted to share information about medicine with the public in a friendly & enjoyable environment! 🌼 So this is how Musings of Medicos all started. 😁

Being a medical graduate blogger, what are the pros and cons of it? Would you suggest medicos to be a blogger?

There are a lot of pros and cons of being a medical student plus a blogger. But, the main con is that it is very time-consuming and it needs undivided attention. Also, different content for every post requires a lot of thinking, so yeah. Pros include the appreciation we get from our followers. Additionally,  people/ medical students use our posts/stories to benefit from the knowledge we share regarding LNH, medicine, food & fashion.

It enhances our esteem to know that we’re an inspiration for our people. Well, that is a personal choice whether medicos should start a blog or not. It depends on whether they are comfortable sharing their thoughts, opinions, and knowledge publicly and having enough time to do so.

How do you people manage time for the blog alongside your busy profession?

As we are four different people running this blog, if anyone is busy and cannot give time to the blog, the rest can compensate. We have always worked as a team, and Alhumdulilah has not faced any difficulty managing our blog until now.

It only happened during our final year exams. So, we had minimal posts on the feed at that time, but we entertained our followers through polls/ questionnaires on stories! Plus, it is always easy to accomplish something if one is interested & loves to give time. 😉

Lastly, any message you want to convey via our platform?

Always remember to put your peace and happiness first. Do not hesitate to speak up for yourself because nobody is going to save you except you. As it is said, “Himmat e Marda, Madad e Khuda!” Allah will also help you when you try to help yourself!🌟

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