Mohammad Abdullah: A Gamer and YouTuber

    Mohammad Abdullah: A gamer and Youtuber

    ‘The Reaper’ of the YouTube


    It’s becoming trend for the youngsters to create content on YouTube. Many are streaming live now a days with the skill they have. People actually enjoy watching them and interacting with them.
    Today we’ve got a Young Gamer and YouTuber who, only at the age of 17, is running his own YouTube channel with more than 1K subscribers within less than 8 months. He goes by the nickname of ‘The Reaper‘ and same is his channel’s name. He is a live streamer who usually does Live Streaming of the games he plays and he does quite long streams. He is skilled in many latest games and has mastered some of the hardest games out there. So let’s ask him about his success story.

    What got you into thinking that you should start a YouTube channel?

    “So I have been watching YouTube for years now. Watching creators like Pewds, Ryan etc. I always wanted to do it but was really shy because I had insecurities about my voice and face. But one day I was just like sitting and thought to myself probably no one is gonna watch me anyway so who cares and just started it.”

    Mohammad Abdullah: A Gamer and YouTuber

    There are many things in which people do Live Streaming. Why did you chose the gaming?

    Umm the thing is I’ve always wanted to play games but didn’t have a good pc or device from the start. Then I had just gotten a pc. It wasn’t good, but it was my first pc and all I could think about was gaming, so I started gaming on YouTube.


    You have done Live Streams for hours. How hard is it to sit and speak continuously for hours?

    That depends if I’m having fun I can go for hours without feeling a thing.

    Mohammad Abdullah: A Gamer and YouTuber

    What is your favorite game of all time?

    I don’t think I can put it like this because it’s highly mood centric. Different games for different moods but a game that I enjoyed the story of was without a doubt ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ series. That’s just a masterpiece!

    Mohammad Abdullah: A Gamer and YouTuber

    What kind of games are more popular that people watch you playing?

    So I’m kind of a variety streamer. I do just chatting and gaming different genres of games. But most popular would be troll and rage games like ‘Getting Over It‘.

    Mohammad Abdullah: A Gamer and YouTuber

    You are also a college student. How hard is it to maintain a balance between your personal/study life and Online work?

    It’s really hard. There have been times where my studies have suffered due to my streams and work and there also have been times where I had to compromise my online presence for studies.


    Have you taken part in some gaming tournaments? Do you think there are opportunities for gamers in Pakistan?

    Yeah I used to regularly play ‘Tekken 7’ tournaments around me. It was a really good experience. But due to Covid it got canceled and hadn’t started since then. And yeah, I think there are a lot of opportunities if you just look in the right place.

    What advice would you give to the new YouTubers if they want to start a channel?

    The best advice I can give to someone is to just quit if you are in here for money or fame or something like that. I know everyone says this but it’s true. Even if you get a lot of subscribers, If you are not enjoying what you do, then you’ll eventually quit. But on the other hand if you are doing what you love, you won’t ever get tired. It’s simple. If you love doing it you don’t care about numbers. You make content and you enjoy the process. Everything else is a bi product. If you get it, that’s good. if you don’t, you won’t care because it was your hobby and you had fun doing it. So the advice is just do what you love and don’t expect anything in return.


    We thank him for giving us time. If you want to know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram @boydoesntcare


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