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Mothers who Inspire us : Angbeen Bilal from Moms-can-do


Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing. Humanity takes its first and last breath with motherhood. A mothers upbringing has the power to make or break us.

So we celebrate those mothers who go the extra mile to bring a positive change to this world. On our quest to find the awesome moms who put their best foot forward to inspire us, we met Angbeen Bilal.

Angbeen Bilal is a Qatar based Pakistani blogger. Besides being the wife of an engineer and mother of a two-year-old baby boy, she is also a teacher by profession and a food blogger by passion. Angbeen is an enthusiastic food lover and passionate chef with 10.1K followers on Instagram and a youtube channel (link at the end of the article).

She provides videos on healthy food recipes for the babies and also provides many tips for the new moms to help them tackle the role successfully.

We, at the Hub daily had the opportunity to talk with her and here are some of the question we had for her. video of her video is available on The Dailyhub youtube channel. I will leave the link down below.

courtesy of A. Bilal, from Moms-Can-Do

Q 1: How did your blog got initiated, how did it all start?

A: When I became a mother and the journey of my motherhood started, I noticed that being a mother doesn’t mean everything should stop because you are now a mother.

It is a very common concept in our society that when you become a mother then it becomes an excuse to stop everything. You can’t fulfil your dreams, you can’t be a social butterfly, you can’t continue your career even. And I also noticed that this concept has been created by women themselves. Due to this misconception, so many young girls are becoming afraid of becoming mothers. And I wanted to change this concept.

That’s why I choose the name” Moms-can-do”. I wanted to share this message with them. I wanted to give them the motivation that it is not that scary nor that much difficult. Plus I love to try different recipes for my baby,  that’s why I decided to go for it.

It was not a quick decision. It took few months. I thought and worked a lot on the concept that I was going to share with people whether it’s right or wrong. when my baby was almost eleven months, I decided to start this blog.

And in that whole time, I did not use motherhood as an excuse any day. I used to go to different gatherings, I used to be with my friends and also being in a profession (teaching ), I continued my job as well. So I think it is right. if you are a mom it doesn’t mean you are nothing else.

Q 2: Being a mom blogger, What are the pros and cons of it? if any mom would like to become one, what would you be suggesting to her?

A: it is very interesting and one of my favourite question. So first of all I will say that it is not easy at all being a mom blogger, it’s very difficult. It is not because you have a baby, but because of the content, the information or the recipes that you are sharing in your post or stories, many mothers are watching them and they are following you. They are getting information from those posts. So that information should be correct. It kind of becomes a hard job to put genuine information in your posts.

And the good thing is that you will come to know so many mothers and we should help other mothers. Our content should be up to the mark and according to their choice so that it’s helpful.

Q 3: Please tell us about your little one too. our readers will love to know about your kid.

A: well if I talk about my baby, I am a mother of a baby boy, Rohan Bilal. He is two years old. He is very social just like his mama :). He is very active Mashallah, and very talkative.

Another thing which I like most about Rohan is that he is not shy at all. He is very confident Mashallah. Whenever he meets someone new, he never gets shy. I like this thing in him and I hope he will be a very good boy one-day Inshallah.

Q 4: lastly any message you want to convey via our platform to all Moms out there on Mothers day!

A: First of all Happy Mothers day to all superwomen, to all moms and even to all girls. You all are so precious and beautiful and trust me you are so special.

Secondly, You always come first. You should prioritize yourself then take care of others. if you are happy then everything will be good. As the saying goes “you cannot pour from an empty cup”, so always try to find your happiness and then think about others.

by A. Bilal from Moms-Can-do

Thank you so much Angbeen Bilal for having this talk with us. We are so happy to have you on board with us on this mothers day. we, at the daily hub, wish you and all the new or old, young or elderly, Pashtun or Punjabi mothers a very happy mothers day.

And to all the readers, if your mother is around you, go give her a hug and a kiss and pamper her for the day. We all know they deserve it ;).



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