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Palestine Bleeds – In Solidarity with the People in Gaza


Palestine Bleeds – In Solidarity with the People in Gaza:

My heart is heavy, and the words seem to have gone missing from my mind as I sit to write about the atrocities inflicted upon my fellow Palestinian brothers and sisters by Israel. No words or phrases can effectively portray the heinous crimes. The ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people in Sheikh Jarah, genocide conducted by Israel during the recent week, and much more makes Palestine bleeds.

The Growing Amount of Casualties in Palestine:

Till now, 192 Palestinians in Gaza Strip have been martyred due to continuous bombardment from Israel. Over 58 casualties are children. 500+ homes have been destroyed, and 1235 people have been reported as injured. But this is not something new or worse, which Israel has done over time. It is the story of decades of occupation and dispossession of Palestinian people.

muslims all around the world are protesting for Palestine
While Israel is continuously feeding its self-defence myths to the international mainstream media, most of the mighty world is justifying its stance. I would like to know how someone can kill the toddlers and disabled, open fire upon the people peacefully praying in their holy places in the name of self-defence?.

How can a country with an army of 513000 personnel, 20,000 navy personnel, 89000 Air Force personnel, and a $20.5billion military budget be in danger? Is Palestine a country with no army, navy, air force, and zero military budget? It is high time for the whole world to look closely into the matter. They should realise the natural face of Israel that has been oppressing the Palestinians for decades.

The Stance of Muslim Leaders:

To the most disappointment of Muslim Ummah, the leaders of the Islamic world have mostly chosen silence over the issue. If not, they have merely issued their half-hearted statements to stop the violence as they have done for decades. It is very saddening to see that Palestinians are fighting bravely without much support from the Powerful Muslim nations.

However, despite the silence from leaders, the worldwide protests from their Muslim brothers and sisters have assured Ummah. Their protest goes beyond their spineless generals and politicians.

people protesting in solidarity with Palestine
It is time that the leaders of Muslim Ummah realise the need for action. They should be doing something more than just stating moral support.

An appeal to the Government of Pakistan:

As a citizen of Pakistan, I request the Government of Pakistan to act swiftly over the matter. We might not be able to send missiles, but there is also a need for medical aid, funds to Palestine.

And to the fellow citizens of Pakistan and any country, you should keep raising awareness about the genocide conducted by Israel. Keep on sharing ground realities and let the world see the atrocities of Israel. Try sharing as much content related to Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and settler colonialism.

People should know that they are financed and abetted by the USA. Post it as much as you can on your social media platforms. It costs nothing but helps the victims having their stories heard and understood all around the world. Also, keep on praying for your brothers and sisters. You are making a difference. You must not stop.

Written By: Badar Naeem Bajwa

Edited by: Warda Siddiqui

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