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Paradigm Shift – Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You

In six short months, the total number of users on Paradigm Shift's website has exceeded 17,000 people.

Paradigm Shift - Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You

Paradigm Shift – Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You:

On our journey to look for some creative startups, Javeria Qadeer of the HubDaily met Mr Sarmad Ishfaq, Paradigm Shift’s owner.

Paradigm Shift is a global politics publication created for students, graduates, and aspiring writers. It was launched on 14 August 2020. In addition, we believe research and publication are underdeveloped fields, especially in third world countries. Paradigm Shift endeavours to remedy this by providing a platform to youngsters worldwide.

A plethora of students around the world writes quality research papers for their universities. However, they end up not publishing these because of a lack of forums and/or the tedious nature of publishing in journals – Paradigm Shift aim to fix that. It publishes research papers and articles that focus on international relations, global politics, and Pakistan.

Paradigm Shift - Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You

Paradigm Shift Proved to Be A Healthy Initiative:

In a short period, the startup’s Facebook page following has reached 10,000 marks. The Instagram following has crossed 1,000 people. Most importantly, the company’s traffic has steadily increased. The traffic has increased every month since the website’s inception, and so have submissions. Their content has been cited in leading international publications, such as The Diplomat, Modern Diplomacy, E-ir.info, Global Village Space, etc.

Paradigm Shift is here to Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You. In six short months, the total number of users on Paradigm Shift‘s website has exceeded 17,000. They have received submissions from well-reputed national and international universities. Quaid-e-Azam University, Harvard, University of Shanghai, NUST, University of Wollongong, LUMS, University of Wales, IBA, NDU, and NUML are examples.

The current CEO, Sarmad Ishfaq, founded the website. He works as a research fellow for the Lahore Centre for Peace Research. He has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Wollongong in Dubai. He graduated as the ‘Top Graduate’. He has several peer-reviewed journals and international magazines in counter-terrorism/terrorism and South Asia and the GCC’s geopolitics.

How Does Paradigm Shift Works?

The company’s expertise lies in its foundations, i.e. the founder Sarmad Ishfaq. He is an accomplished researcher and a writer who, at a young age, has been published by internationally reputed magazines and peer-reviewed journals. Harvard has published Sarmad, The Diplomat, Open Democracy, e-ir, Modern Diplomacy, Social Identities (A Taylor & Francis journal).

All the submissions go through an editorial process, and only the best are selected. Thus, it ensures that a strict quality standard is maintained. Subsequently, this is the reason why Paradigm Shift has and continues to receive submissions from students of the best universities. The whole point is to showcase Pakistan and the world’s best young and aspiring writers.

Human Resource Structure in Paradigm Shift:

Paradigm Shift has a small but dedicated team of people. They do not have a physical office. Instead, all work is done remotely. They have a CEO, three editors, and two social media managers. The company’s functioning is simple:

  • A submission (a research paper or article) comes from someone and goes into the editors’ inbox.
  • the editor checks the submission and decides based on its content, grammar, and analysis.
  • If a paper/article is approved, it goes through some edits and is finally published on the website.
  • The social media manager would then create a post (picture plus an excerpt) for that piece. This picture will be posted on our social media accounts. It is done to direct traffic from our social media accounts to the article/paper on the website itself.

If a piece needs some significant amendments, it is sent back to the author. They are asked to make the necessary changes. If a paper is not up to Paradigm Shift‘s standards, it is rejected. The company aims to make money via advertisements and sponsored posts. Since the website attracts students and writers, they are always looking to invite universities, think tanks, and other related organizations to promote their programs and services.

What Is The Primary Goal Of Paradigm Shift?

We endeavour to serve the world through rich, well-researched, and eloquently articulated work. Paradigm Shift is essentially a bridge between Pakistan and the world, allowing Pakistan to improve its global image via its youth further. In addition, it is allowing the world to participate in the dissemination of quality information. Paradigm Shift’s obligation is to empower Pakistan and the world’s youth by giving them a platform to express themselves effectively.

Paradigm Shift’s Advice For Beginner:

Some people get offended if their pieces are not accepted. It is because they assume that they have written a masterpiece. Nevertheless, it is not the case. Many times, a written piece is rejected simply because the language is not up to international standards. If Paradigm Shift publishes such works, it will not do Pakistan’s reputation any favours. Articles, especially research papers, require quality content/research and quality English. It is why,

“If you think you have peaked, then you have already failed. There is always room for improvement. It is suggested to read books and journal articles to augment your English skills. If reading is not your strong suit, try listening to audiobooks or you could even try watching some good English movies or sitcoms (trust us!). If writing is truly Your passion, You will always endeavour to keep writing until your dreams have been fulfilled.”

What do People say About Paradigm Shift?

Yamin, one of the regular followers of Paradigm Shift, is of the view:

“An exciting initiative for researchers and writers. At Paradigm Shift, you get quick and easy access to the latest news, valuable ideas in the form of articles and research papers. So, if you are searching for insightful topics in the field of International Relations or Global Politics, this is the platform for you. It’s free and a quick process for your entire academic pieces to get published too!”

Arfah Zia shares Mr Yamin’s views. She said,

“Published my first article Paradigm Shift. Being a student, I highly recommend others to publish their research papers and articles here as well. I found the team extremely helpful and cooperative. Most importantly, unlike some other sites, the content is easily accessible, and the team responds fast. The publications are free of cost, and the content is up to date.”

Guys! Paradigm Shift is here to Wake Up the Sleeping Research Writer in You. So better take out your pens or keyboards and get writing because opportunities like these don’t come around regularly.

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