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Parenting Tips Effective for Today’s Generation

Parenting Tips Effective for Today's Generation

Parenting Tips Effective for Today’s Generation:

Today as life is evolving and technology is advancing, parenting tips have become essential. Every parent wishes suitable for their children and provides a safe environment. So here we are talking about putting a healthy effect on your children.

Effect of Parent’s Behaviour on Children:

The way parents behave with each other positively or negatively affects children’s mental and physical health. For example, good parents always give good children whereas bad parents have a terrible impact and as a result, the children are also not too considerate of others.


Children Today Are Born in A Different Era:

Children born today belong to a different era and generation. The generation we belong to has another school of thought. Today’s children know more than we know. Many things that are common today were present previously but had no awareness. Today as time is passing, the understanding and knowledge of the generation are changing.

We need to understand the generation gap, different schools of thought, different mindsets of children. Here is some Parenting Tips Effective for Today’s Generation.

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Be A Friend to Your Children:

Parents are children’s first friends. Parents are where children find comfort for all their problems. We should talk to our children to guide them to the right path. We need to teach them what is right and what is wrong. Creating a friendly environment helps children to talk to you. Creating a fearful environment for today’s generation is not the solution.


Teaching Your Kids to Earn:

Life today has become competitive. A single person earning bread for the family is not enough. Teaching some skillset to keep them busy in healthy activities and to bear their expenses is helpful in today’s era.


Involve Them in Their Decisions:

As life moves forward and the level of awareness has grown, children today know better about good and evil. Therefore, involving them in decisions taken for them is necessary to understand their point of view. Be it their career options, marriage, or whatsoever. Involving and knowing their opinion helps in the long run as they see what they opted for and cannot blame anyone later.

Do Not Compare Your Children with Others:

Understanding and accepting the uniqueness of each child is essential. Comparing children with others brings in them a sense of jealousy and loss in their self-esteem.


Parents Should Teach Them About Everything:

Today in the internet, smartphones, and exposure to everything, children can learn anything from anywhere. We, as parents, should be the ones guiding them about what’s right and what’s wrong. Teach them about everything possible that could be of benefit or not.

Build A Positive Self-Esteem:

Everyone is unique in their way. But, comparing with others, shaming children for pity things ends up with low self-esteem in them. A tradition in brown families of what would people think has been prevailing for a long time. It’s time to break this stereotype to let live in peace.


Give Them Some Space:

As human beings, everyone wants to have their own leisure time to think, to enjoy. Children like some space too. It is good to let them have their own space. Let them go out, enjoy, sit in solitude. Controlling every minute of your children ends up in frustration and irritation.

Similarly, putting on too many restrictions on children ends up in doing those things in hiding—these children, instead of stepping away, become rebellious and do the same things.

Teaching Household Chores:

Today teaching household chores is necessary. Education is getting tougher each passing day. Children should know to wash their clothes, ironing them, taking out the garbage, etc. Being tough life, when they go abroad for studies or jobs, doing these chores are burdensome for them. Watching their parents do household chores brings a sense of responsibility and a healthy relationship with each other.

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Let Them Step Out of Their Comfort Zone:

Being a parent, everyone wishes that their children shouldn’t struggle and gain what they want. But, I’m afraid that’s not right. Let them work in life, and it teaches humbleness.

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Let them try new things; failures help gain experience. Stopping them from trying new things or availing themselves of new opportunities makes it difficult for them to step out of their comfort zone later. Such children start fearing experiencing new opportunities that lead to failure in life and depression.

Take-Home Points:

  • Encourage your children towards positive things. Criticising never helps anyone.
  • Mental health is essential. Forcing the children into something and putting them in depression has no benefit on either of us.
  • Never fight with anyone in front of children. In case of disagreement in the family, talk politely.

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  • Take time out for the family, go out for picnics, spend time with family.


Note For Children:

Everyone is in a learning stage in this life. Criticising your parents about today’s technology is never a healthy option. Instead, teach them with affection, guide them, understand what they’ve gone through for your betterment, and provide you with the best.

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