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Ramal Ijaz – Life as a female photographer in Pakistan.


Ramal Ijaz:

Ramal Ijaz is a gold medalist from KUST. She studied Journalism and then went off to NUST to proceed with her studies. Ramal  has worked for some major websites and newspapers to share her views and  speak for the rights of women and minorities.

She is working her way through her passion.

As a girl from a small town, Ramal Ijaz has faced many issues regarding achieving her dream and you guessed it right. She faced a lot of backlash from her family in the start. But it all ended when her parents started to support her passion and work; A Photographer. 

Work-life issues as a Female photographer:

With following her passion for photography she faced many issues regarding this.

The first one of them would be that how she was being degraded and judged as she was just 21 and a girl.

But she didn’t let that mindset meddle through her work and let her work spoke for herself. Now, Alhumdullilah runs her photography and videography course and we can proudly say that she is a successful entrepreneur.

Check out her article at The Educationist.

 A Golden approach towards life’s Challenges:

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She has a great approach towards the challenges that we face in our life. According to Ramal, these challenges helps us grow as a human being. We should do anything to overcome them because that’s the only way we can step-up a level in the stairs of our lives.


We all know that teachers and parents play a huge role in inspiring. Ramel’s inspiration was her University professor who proved to be a great mentor to her and carved her skills in her line of passion.

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Life as a woman is hard and we know it but it takes a lot of bravery, determination, and passion towards your career to be successful, We wish Ramal Ijaz the best of luck, and may she explore the whole world with a unique vision through the lens.

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