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Reasons for Miscarriages in Pakistan – An Alarming Rise in Cases


Reasons for Miscarriages in Pakistan – An Alarming Rise in Cases:

When a woman loses the fetus, it is called a miscarriage. During pregnancy, the awareness of miscarriage can help many people avoid the chances of miscarriages. During pregnancy, the first 20 weeks are pretty crucial. Women are told to be extra cautious during the said time to avoid any unforeseen situations of miscarriage.

miscarriage is not a failure

Some of the essential causes of miscarriages are being discussed below:

1. Use Of Contraceptives:

Contraceptives are the medications used to avoid pregnancies. Contraceptives are considered harmful for the fetus and are a reason for recurrent miscarriages. Consulting a gynaecologist is very important before the use of any such drug.

2. Age:

Age has a vital role in pregnancies and the developing baby. Miscarriages in aged women are one of the critical factors. Age and fertility have an inverse relationship. As the age grows, chances of fertility decrease. It is one of the reasons for miscarriages.

3. Medical History:

The health of a woman has an essential role during pregnancy. Regular checkups with the gynaecologist are recommended. Some common conditions that can cause miscarriage are,

  • Thyroid problems
  • Diabetes
  • PCOs
  • Fibroids

4. History of Miscarriages:

If you have a history of miscarriages, you are more prone to further problems in your pregnancies in the future. Most importantly, always tell your detailed medical and family history to your gynaecologist when you try to conceive or conceive.

a damaged fetus

5. Infections:

Certain infections can cause severe complications during pregnancy. Ailments like salmonella infection and listeria infection can cause miscarriages during pregnancy. Also, unpasteurized milk and red meat may cause such conditions. Eating fresh and healthy food during pregnancy is essential during pregnancy.

6. Uterine and Cervical Problems:

Sometimes fetus does not attach to the correct position on the uterine lining. It leads to the miscarriage of the fetus. Similarly, Recurrent miscarriages can also be due to an incompetent cervix.

What’s Important?

Reasons for Miscarriages in Pakistan – An Alarming Rise in Cases: It is essential to take care of yourself and your baby during this crucial time. Moreover, eating healthy, staying active, and doing pregnancy-friendly chores are necessary for the baby’s health and the mother.

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