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Rising stars of the band “Electrio” at HubDialogue

Rising stars of the band

Rising stars of the band “Electrio” at HubDialogue:

Rising stars of the band "Electrio" at HubDialogue

Researchers say that music can reduce one’s anxiety and increase happiness. We came across as some energetic, talented and melodic singers. Hubdaily’s one of the most exciting events Hubdialogue’s guests are three rising stars. Essentially, Hasan Khan, Muhammad Talha, and Suffan Shaikh pursue their degree in Electrical Engineering from NED University. Typically, their passion has brought them together and now, they are electrifying their audience with their band “Electrio”.

How did it start?

While speaking to HubDaily, they told us about how it all started. In November 2020, during the practice session, they performed individually at an event. Surprisingly, the organiser of that event insisted that they should work together.

Why “Electrio”!

Moreover, the innovative name of the band has its significance. They’re the “trio” from the “Electrical” department. One of the seniors of their department suggested this name. They’re “Electrio” from that day.

What’s coming?

Furthermore, they are working on entirely different compositions. Besides, they are currently close to creating a mashup dedicated to University Students, which will be delightful and relatable to students of their age.

Their last electrifying performance:

Previously, they have performed on many platforms. Soon, they are going to steal the hearts at HubDialogue on July 3rd, 2021.

Their inspiration:

Many singers of different genres have inspired them. It includes Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, and Sajjad Ali. The bands which they admire the most are Jal, Strings and Junoon.

Message from Electrio for their fans:

They said: “Follow your dreams, work for them! Remember, there’s no way back in life. Enjoy each moment. Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout this journey. Your single appreciation boosts our energies and helps us do a lot better! Thank you once again! Love you all ❤️.”

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